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It’s been a while ! another year in the books

Not much to report. The shop had a fantastic year. Lots of gear serviced and modified. I have been quite busy with my 2A3 amplifier projects. You can see more at and our FB page at

Several new models of amps released and a few more soon to be released.

I’m still servicing/modifying most vintage components so feel free to ask if you need anything.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year 2019!


Dr. Tubeology

Head Whammer



Always Go To Our Facebook Pages !!

As we are working toward an overhaul of our Classic Tube Audio website, I’m not posting any page content right now.

You can always see the most current activity’s at our Facebook page:  Our new website for Whammerdyne Heavy Industries is now up and running at: and the whammerdyne Facebook page is:     Lots of fun stuff!

Thanks as always for your support

Dr. Tubeology

Head Whammer



Recent audio show in Chicago “Axpona” + more news

We are back from a very successful show, exhibiting our Whammerdyne family of single ended 2A3 amplifiers. Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to building the next 5 units. Read more about our exciting and world renowned 2A3 tube amps at

The shop/lab here at Classic tube Audio is undergoing some expansion. We are busy making more room for the Whammerdyne amplifier assembly and test/QC area along with re-configuring our service area where we do extensive tube component audio repairs, rebuilds and restorations on a host of brands and models from the classics to the current issues. Stay tuned, later this summer we will be launching a revised and updated Classic Tube Audio website.


Chow for now,

Dr. Tubeology



It’s “Whammer” Time!

Just a quick update to all that has been happening at CTA (Classic Tube Audio)  The shop is full up with a back-log of service work and some of my favorite types, McIntosh and Marantz. Many upgrades are at hand for these beauties. We have been hard at it developing and now in full production and sales of our famous 2A3 tube single ended amplifiers (now 4 models shipping)

All this and we will be heading to the big Axpona Audio Show in Chicago the week of April 9th-15th. Our top line Truth amplifier and our new DAA-3 (Damn Awesome Amplifier) will be featured, all playing nice with Pure Audio Project speakers and Verastarr cables.

Our Whammedyne website is fully revised and a new format check it out at;

later this summer we will undertake a full revision on this website too!, The shop will be expanding with Dr. Tube building out a production build area for all the new Whammy amps (I need space!)

Stay “True to the Tube”

Dr. Tubeology


Our Baby Whammer’s are back home from the NY Audio Show

Here is a link to our Whamm FB page, you can read more on feedback/media postings from the NY Audio show the RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) and the CAS Show (California Audio Show) Its been a great year for us and next year is really shaping up to be a banner year!


Enjoy, Dr. Tubeology & Head Whammer


Our Whammerdyne 2A3 amplifier goes to NY !

We were paired with Pure Audio Project speakers and VPI Turntables. Our little Whammer one of three of the new series we now offer

DGA1 (Damn Good Amplifier) $ 1800 retail, DGA2 (Damn Great Amplifier) $ 2500 and DAA3 (Damn Awesome Amplifier) $ 4500

We are pictured here at the NY Audio Sow that end today Nov 12th , 2017

Check us out and take a look at the link to Pure Audio Project, we are posted in some photos