In the “Q”

Regular updates to the “Q” will include projects for repair and restoration newly arrived. Other features will be on activity’s I have around the shop. “Stay Tuned”

Pictured in this group is one of the rare Tektronix engineering power supplies. Built like a tank and tube regulated. This thing is deadly quiet (clean DC!) I will be putting it to very good use in a new project we have in the works.. More on that later. As you can see I have updated the gallery photos as I have another round of projects in the works. One really interesting one is a full chassis swap and ground up restoration on a classic McIntosh Model 30 amplifier. We will be swapping the “gut’s” for a brand new chrome chassis and then updating it to be in perfect operating condition. This will be as close to the day it was new as possible. The new lab pix coming soon 3-2019

April 2, 2011 I have added a few more projects both from customers and some of my own. I also have cleaned up the “Cave” and included a few new snapshots of the tech room. I spend about 70 hours a week in here. Yes, the wife does refer to my gear as my other girlfriends..they keep me warm!..(Ok, but if you must know we have been married 37 years!)  Yes! 30 years.

new shop/lab pix and more coming soon 3-2019