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VTL Amplifiers in for caps and circuit upgrades

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  1. Mihail Moroianu

    I bought a used (1998) VTL ST-150, and after a few days, after turning on the amp, heard loud popping sounds from the chassis, and burning smell; one of the electrolytic caps 1200mF/400V has the vent popped up, and the 2 paralel resistors look burned. I can not get a reading of the values of those resistors with the digital meter ( other unaffected caps), but the color code seems to give 150 K each. Can you help?
    Thanks. Mihail Moroianu. Richmond,VA

  2. pat

    I would love to help with your VTL amplifier issue, but I would need to have it on my bench for a complete check out to see whay you have the failed power supply cap


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