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You might be asking yourself, what components does Pat have in his listening system? maybe not..but just in case you have some interest. I have posted a few photo’s of some of my systems all “glowing” way cool. Update, I’m in the process of re-arranging my Audio Cave and will have new photos and an update soon!..(Yes finally I’m getting around to new photos of the systems and will post up projected date Sept 30th 2015)..oooops never made it on my updates, big changes coming this year see our FB page for current activity’s:

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  1. I would like to try a pre+amp combo? It would have to be “easy” to use.
    I understand that the newer equipment doesn’t have to be biased.
    I would be interested in what you would recomend for a beginner.

  2. Hello,

    A few that come to mind for tube beginners would be integrateds from Fisher and Scott. The Fisher x-100B/C x-101’s some models of Fisher have a cathode bias or a type of self bias circuit. But be aware that any self bias type amp from yesteryear will be a design that will somewhat limit the total power output and not perform at optimum. Many of the “bias” adjustable models are really easy to bias and with a little assist and learing it is an easy chore

    Happy hunting

  3. hi, I am probably doing something blasphemus to you, but once in awhile I will find a small old tube record player and I try converting it (with little electrical knowledge) to a little guitar amplifier. I remove the cartridge and wire in a 1/4 inch jack. I will use a mag. to ceramic step up. Sometimes I get a lot of60 cycle hum, and some time none. Would you be interested in working on these?
    Thank you,

  4. Hello Glenn,

    I would be happy to look at your project and determine what the a/c hum issue is. They do work well with efficient speakesr for guitar amplifiers


  5. Hello Jacob,
    I’m not sure what you are asking?.. with the “Y” are you looking for a 1/4″ female end to plug your guitar amp patch cord 1/4″ male end then the other end of the “Y” dongle would have an RCA male connector for plugging into the Fisher? if so would this then only feed one channel either L or R or did you wish to split the signal into two male rca’s to feed both channels at the same time?

  6. Hello Robert,

    My fee on average for checking the needs of a component is about an hour of bench time at $ 55.00.. I then provide you an
    estimate of the repiars needed parts and labor, als in many cases suggestions and costs for upgrades

    Thank, Pat~

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