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Mono front view atma sphere

Atma Sphere “Novacron” 100 watt OTL

Part of my main listening system these are rare 100 watt all triode mono blocks, class A and Zero feedback..and to top it off no output transformers. Can you say extremely fast and transparent!

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  1. Kevin Coy

    Have you given any thought to selling your Novacrons? I would certainly be interrested..


  2. pat

    Hi Kevin,
    Well that is a tough question, I have two pairs! they are my “Holy Grail” of amplifers ..in all my years of Hi-Fi, nothing sounds better! Trust me I have heard hundreds of amplifiers. The Novacrons as you know are about as rare as it gets.. I might consdider selling one pair, but you would need a wheel barrow of money
    Take care, Pat~

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