A way to see some of the gear I have for sale

As of late I have been keeping a fairly current list of gear for sale on the local Portland, Oregon Craig’s list. Just go to Portland’s Craig’s list and the electronics for sale category. Type in the search for Classic Tube Audio and you will find me, my ad is mostly current and has items that are expected to come in  soon “New Arrivals”


If the link here is dead as the ad renews each month just follow the instructions above


Thanks Dr. Tubeology



I have an extensive collection of vintage components that I offer in both non-restored condition and restored. Fully restored electronics carry a one year parts and labor warranty and performance guarantee. Vacuum tubes six months. Here’s a partial list of the many fine brands that are represented. McIntosh, HH Scott, Fisher, Dynaco, Heathkit, Sherwood, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Pilot, Eico, Audio Research, Quicksilver, Atma-Sphere. . . and more! (seeking something not listed, please inquire)
ARRIVED! Nov 1, 2015

2) Futterman OTL 3 Mono amplifiers (VERY VERY RARE)


2) Marantz Model 9’s Mono Amplifiers (These will go in the check out Q, but can be purchased as-is if you would like) (As-Is but tested $ 5000.00) SOLD
1) Marantz Model 7 Pre-amplifier (will check out and sell as-is un-restored, get it now for $ 3000.00 SOLD
1) Audio Research SP-6 pre-amplifier, missing top cover otherwise complete As-Is but tested $ 500.00 SOLD


1) Fisher 400 CX Stereo pre-amplifier (with original wood cabinet, manual and shipping box) SOLD!! 10-24-15
1) Fisher SA 300 (EL34) Stereo tube amplifier (with cage and original manual and shipping box) SOLD
$ 1300.00 OBO cash, goes to Ebay in a week


2) Marantz Model 9 amplifiers (these are getting restored and will be available November) SOLD
1) McIntosh C20 pre-amplifier (Getting restored and available November) SOLD
1) McIntosh MR65B FM Stereo tuner (Ready to go and complete with original packing and box)
1) Adcom GTP-500 Tuner pre-amplifier
1) Celestion SL600 bookshelf speakers (Pair)
1) Marantz 10B FM Stereo tuner (This will go into Q for full rebuild)
1) McIntosh C22 pre-amplifier
1) Eico HF-86 stereo amplifier (uses 4 EL84’s) $ 700.00
1) Adcom GTP500 stereo Pre-Amplifer/Tuner/With phono (150.00)


Sept. 2015

(1) Linn Sondek turntable with Ittok LV Mk II arm (Koetsu Rosewood cartridge) $ 3000.00
(1) Linn Basik LV X arm looks to be (new in box) with new Linn cartridge in headshell $ 1000.00


Aug 2015:

1) McIntosh MC30 (Sold)
2) McIntosh MC225 (Sold)
3) McIntosh MC240 (Sold)
4) McIntosh C20’s (2) (#1) Sold (Sold #2 sold 10-20-15)
5) McIntosh MR77 (Sold EBay 10-20-15)


1) McIntosh MC275 (SOLD)
2) McIntosh C712 (Sold)
3) McIntosh MR71(3)
4) (2) Marantz Model 8b Stereo Tube Amplifiers
5) Marantz 7C Tube Pre-amplifier ( MINT , with cabinet MINT $ 5,000.00)
6) Speakers KLH Model 2’s with Jenzen Electrostats ($ 1,000.00)
7) McIntosh MC60’s (3) pairs
8) McIntosh C22
9) McIntosh (4) 240’s (pending sale on one)
10) McIntosh C20 ($ 2700.00)
11) McIntosh MC2505 (MINT, 10 on the scale fully 100% operating $ 1100.00)
12) McIntosh MR67
14) McIntosh 1700 (SOLD 8-8-2016)
15) McIntosh C24,C26,C28
16) McIntosh MC2155
17) McIntosh MR500
18) McIntosh MR78
19) McIntosh MR74
20) McIntosh MR500 Stereo FM Tuner
21) McIntosh MC2155 Stereo Power Amplifier
22) McIntosh MR 65 FM Stereo Tuner (2)

Refurbished now sold as of Aug 2015

1) Fisher FM-1000 the famous and one of the best tube FM Stereo tuners $ 1700.00 (pending bid on Ebay) (JUST SOLD 7-27)
2) KLH Model Eight table top FM tube radio very rare and with a 2nd KLH speaker, all mint $ 700 (Sold 8-18-15) (Ebay sold)
3) Precision Fidelity M-7A audiophile tube amplifier (EL34’s) (SOLD 10-2)
4) McIntosh MCD7000 C/D player $ 475.00 pending offer on Ebay) (Sold 7-30)
5) Audio Research SP6 Tube Pre-amplifier (Sold 8-3-15)

In the Q for rebuild

1) McIntosh Maximum Performance Indicator MI-3 Factory refurbish and still in factory plastic and factory shipping box (MINT) have paperwork from factory (Will be ready by 2nd week October, I’m installing a new factory fresh scope CRT, the original one had a slight blem)

1) McIntosh C29 pre-amplifier

1) Audio Research D-52B solid state amplifier (near completion, waiting for some new matched output transistors) just about done 8-6-15, Working on and hope to have ready 10-15) READY 10-20-15 working perfect, going on EBay (10-21-15) $ 500.00

1) Marantz 10B Stereo FM Tuner (On the bench) just about completed 8-25-15 Ready to go, fully restored, new “opto-couplers, full power supply rebuild along with many load resistors, coupling capacitors, all tubes at 95% or better. Scope display bright and clear. This unit works perfect! actually exceeds original specifications ($ 2150.00) The best tuner on the planet . Yes, that is true

More Hi-End and Audiophile electronics

1) Pair Zu “Omen” larger book shelf speakers (no longer using I upgraded to large Zu’s) http://www.zuaudio.com/ See website for details MINT $ 1000.00
1) Bi-Frost DAC (Digital to analoge converter) Mint with all UBER upgrades http://schiit.com/products/bifrost MINT $ 550.00
1) iFi Nano USB DAC mint all boxes and materials) $ 150.00



Many of the components offered are used in good working condition and bench checked (Trade-in’s and upgrades) My service is personal and attentive, by appointment only. Please email me and I will be happy to follow up with you and set an appointment.
See also my extensive service and repair offerings on Craig’s list: Service’s offered (Small business ads section)

Thanks, Dr. Tubeology


Check out the progress on our ultimate 2A3 tube amplifier!





Many years of work have come to fruition. We debuted at THE Show Newport and just showed with Zu Audio at The CAS Show in San Francisco CA. The press is taking note we have a world class performer. The “Truth” amplifier  has lived up to all of our expectations and beyond. It is the “Ultimate” 2A3 tube amplifier

Dr. Tubeology

“Truth in Audio”



Marantz 7C Pre-amplifier MINT “Holy Grail”

You audio collectors and vintage classic Hi-Fi buffs and Audiophiles don’t need me to tell you much. You know what this is. Here we have a MINT, I mean MINT model 7C the king of tube pre-amps. This is all original, has the wood cabinet and all near NOS test Telefunkin 12AX7’s tubes no work has ever been performed on this, except possibly by Marantz, I see where the power supply diodes decades ago have been updated. I have run up on a variac and all capacitors are working fine and the unit functions all inputs working, its nice and quiet no hum, phono stage is working perfect, all switches and controls are noise free. I have supplied some pictures here as I opened it up. I will  ship , but due to extreme value I must have bank certified check and continental US sale and shipping only, If you make an offer it must be close to my asking price. I have not seen one this clean in 20 years at my shop.

It looks like it was in a time capsule, even the tube shield covers are bright finish still, LIKE NEW
This is the nicest one you will ever see

FORSALE – Pair of Heathkit W7-A – Super Rare & Super Mint

Each of these amps have had the following work completed by Classic Tube Audio.
You can own these for $995.00 + Shipping

  • New Power Supply Caps
  • New Bias Supply Caps
  • New Diodes in Power Supply and Bias Supply
  • All New Coupling Caps
  • New Thermistors for controlled slow start
  • Checked all of the critical resistors to make sure they are within Spec
  • New JJ El34 power tubes
  • NOS Used Tested 87% Matched 6an8 Driver Tubes

Chassis buffed and waxed and all pots cleaned with de-oxit

The only issue is one amp has a mismatched knob – I will include a matching knob so that both amps are exactly the same. –

Also one of the amps has a scratch by the plastic Heathkit logo maybe you can see it in the photos – or I can send you another photo of the scratch if you would like.

Overall this pair of Heathkits W7-A amps are about as mint as you can get all paint is shiny with a few minor scratches – (See photos).
The Cages are also very clean, however the cages do have a few scuffs and scratches.
see these on Ebay


Heathkit w7-A el34 monoblock with tube cage

They both function 100% and sound amazing. They are a loud 55 or so watts each.
The Balance and Bias Hold Perfectly !!!
These amps are super rare –



Underside of Restored Heathkit w7-A monoblock with new coupling caps

Pair heathkit W7-M

Mint Pair of Heathkit w7-A amplifiers 100% Restored


Super Clean Heathkit W7-A with JJ El34 tubes

MC30 Rebuild Project Part 3

Well, here we are – the 9pin sockets are installed into the chassis and the circuit board is also attached, now to figure out where all those wires need to go.

notice how the heater wires are attached to the 9pin sockets – very good idea I think that I may use that on one of my custom builds.

stay tuned for part 4

McIntosh MC30 Tag Board install

9 pin sockets and board installed on the custom McIntosh MC30 rebuild project

MC30 Rebuild Project Part 2

So far we have the new McIntosh Mc30 chassis re-chromed, the MC30 transformers and base plates painted with gloss black automotive paint and now we have the first of 2 stuffed circuit boards all ready for final installation.

I have used Teflon coated silver aircraft wire which is a much higher quality than the original. All the resistors are hand picked to be less than 1% of tolerance and in most cases they measure exactly as the schematic says they should.

The black cap’s you see on the board are Solen’s made in France.

McIntosh Main Board Old and New

McIntosh MC30 Main Board old and new