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8 Responses

  1. Hello Ralph,
    I’m located in Camas, WA..we are about 15 minutes from the Portland International Airport. If the distance is an issue for you, shipping is always an option. I have many customers from all over the NW ship to me via FedEx ground (safest).. The MX-110 is a nice McIntosh unit.. I’m actually working on one today fo a fellow from Redmond, WA

  2. Hello Erik,
    My bench labor rate is $ 55.00 h/r I would imagine on the Eico it would take about 4 hours, plus parts.
    On your project amp and wiring it up and then of course setting up bias and checking/adjusting all voltages. I would guestimate about 8 hours.. If you would like further details give me a call. I’m always happy to help

    Thnaks, Pat~

  3. I own several old 40s/50s radios that I would like to get operating. Do you off quotes on what it would take $$, to get an old unit operating.

  4. Hello Steve,
    On average with radios from that era. The range is from $ 125.00 to $ 200.00.. The variables are tubes,capacitors and other parts. This does not cover any cabinet or case repairs, Just the electronics.. also if you have a bad power transformer or other more expensive part it can run more, My shop rate is $ 55.00 an hour and usually I can come up with a very good estimate within that time, if you repair it the one hour check out fee applies to the repairs, if you elect to not repair it is a check out and estimation fee only

    Thank you for visiting with us

  5. I have a Stromberg-Carolson SC-150L radio ca. 1936.

    It uses an interstage auto-transformer for phase inversion which severely
    degrades bass response. I added an emitter follower but this has not been entirely satisfactory. I am considering going to a long-tailed inverter with a 6sn7 to drive the 6L6 output tubes.

    Your tube tester looks impressive. How does it compare with a TV-7d/u?

    Hello Chuck,

    You sound like you are on the right track with the SC-150, I have heard talk at our local radio club meetings about mod’s done on the SC among other brands that have poor response due to the limits of the IS transformers, the 6SN7 is an excellent tube for the application and the 7 will provide plenty of swing for the 6L6’s

    I really do not have any data that could give you a comparison with the TV-7 Hickok made, I used to have a TV-2, with my 530C I have added digital meters for accurate readout of the line a/c, the Bias , Hi and low, along with a digital plate current readout, the 539C I have rebuilt and added precision trimmed resistors in the network for accurate transconductance readings, I have also provided for an O’scope connection so I can look at some of tubes noise and mirophonics

    Best wishes with your SC project, happy holidays


  6. I have a Scott LC-21 that is in the process of rebuilding

  7. Hi

    I have a 1929 Majestic model 92 that I’ve nearly given up on having the electronics restored, but I came across your ad on Craigslist and thought I would run it by you anyway. From what I’ve learned, they’re very time consuming and messy to deal with, but the electronics aren’t complicated. Problem is I know nothing of electronics, and even if I wanted to teach myself, I have no place to work on this.

    If it’s not something economically worth it, I’m content with having it as a decorative piece. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think. I’ve had the two most expensive tubes on the chassis tested, one was good, the other marginal.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Hello Greg, I have looked at your photos of the Majestic 92, I have the exact same one in my collection. They are very well built radios and really heavy as I’m sure you are aware. They are easy to work on and replace components. Most all of the caps will need replacement. I can not tell you if its is worth restoring that is somethig you would need to determine. I can say that in most cases when I have resotred the electronics for people it has run the range from $ 175.00 to 250.00

    Thanks for your PM and best of luck