Dr Tubeology saved my 54 year old amps!

A few months ago back I purchased a couple of 1959 Lafayette LA-55 mono block amps.

With no expectation other than I wanted a restoration project over the summer and I was not about to get electrocuted!

2 lafayette tube amps

Well the amps arrived separately and  I was excited to get them up and going. But that just was not what happened as one amp came up and ran beautifully on some of it’s original tubes.

But the second up came up for 5 min then died!

As you can guess I was not happy as this restoration project by me was starting out on a bad foot…

In walks our hero Dr Tubeology himself Pat Hickman. With a tip from a friend who had his McIntosh 240’s worked on by Pat and was so pleased with the outcome. I decided to drive the 201 Miles to Pat’s shop and wow was I ever surprised by Pat’s lab.

2 vintage Lafayette tube amps on the bench

2 vintage Lafayette tube amps on the bench

I am an engineer and I love anything science related but when Pat sat down and explained to me what was going on with my amps and his prompt turn around I know I was in the presence of a true audio engineer.  Pat was not only thorough but took the time to explain things to me about the circuit of my amps but some of the history of them.  Even though they are 54 year old amps

Pat treated them like they were his own children. I know a lot of us out there long for that fat tube sound from vintage audio but don’t spend your money on some cheap chi fi tube knock off when

you can buy some vintage tube audio and see Pat to get you back up and running in no time.

I figured the process would take a month or so but Pat had it ready to go in 2 weeks talk about service!

The reason for me calling him Dr Tubeology is that he has a mannerism like a doctor about to do surgery on your loved one with a good prognosis in the end.

All in all my experience with Pat and his services are 1st class all the way!

And keep watching his website in the future as you may be surprised at what you see and hear.

Thanks again Pat for your work and friendship it means so much.

Oh I almost forgot Pat’s prices are the best I have ever seen and really fair!!!


Eric Worden

[email protected]

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