It’s summer, I know.. posts are slow…But!

Some updating is in process at the “Tubeology” HQ’s….. more later with pictures!

This summers projects in the works, I’m open for a deposit on a McIntosh MC240 that is now in the process of restoration. This unit will be MINT, a “10” it gets a full new chrome chassis along with a total electronics rebuild and a warranty. $ 1,000 deposit secures it. The total price plus shipping is $ 5300.00

Next we have a Marantz 8B. This unit will clean up and be near a 9.5 in cosmetics, electronics will be rebuilt. The deposit on this one is $ 1,000 and the total price plus shipping is $ 3250

OK, I have more.. a few Fisher 500b/c’s and 800’s. An Eico HF-81, A McIntosh c20, yes C20! price yet TBD. But it will get a full face lift and all electronics rebuilt. Lot’s more stay tuned.

With vacation season upon me, times vary for finish of projects, If you are considering having me repair/rebuild any components for you contact me ASAP so I can get you in the “Q”

Happy summer, enjoy

Pat~(Head Tubeologist)



More! (Inventory) Were Growing

Some happenings at CTA (Classic Tube Audio) I’m sure by now many of you have noted the new logo (I’m very pleased with it) and some changes to the look of the web site (more in the works). During this visible change, behind the scenes we have been expanding our inventory of parts. Several advantages we have, buying in larger quantities and saving money. This allows us to control some costs and our customers reap the savings. The other issue is faster turnaround time and we now can precision match and select for match pairs/quads and more. This applies to Capacitors, Resistors, Tubes. We also are adding to our “premium” upgrade and select “Tubeology” line of offerings. Later this summer the “shop” will be adding more work area space and dedicated “burn in” for QC of serviced components. This is one area I’m really proud of our tradition. A quick explanation of our burn in process. Every finished unit gets a minimum of 10 hours of run time. This really helps us with making sure all voltages remain stable, bias drift is minimised, we apply both audio frequency sweeps during the burn in along with playing music extensively though the units. Yes, we actually listen to each and every unit before it goes out! This process has kept any issues to near zero once the component arrives back to you..

I must give a sincere Thank You! to the hundreds of customers over the years, you are the ones that have allowed us to grow. I’m very excited, the future is bright. Real Audio Glows in the Dark!

The “Tubeologist”




1949 Silvertone AM Radio

Well here is something that is a bit unusual for us these days but I just had to post it since it is in such great shape, and it is just cool, not cool in the McIntosh, Marantz, Scott sort of way but in a more humble off-beat, unusual sort of way. In the tube world this Silvertone is the Ying to the Mcintosh Yang.

Basically it is just a nice – super clean Silvertone 9000 Sears Catalog Model 9000 Part Number 132-857 all American 5 tube radio.


Sears Finest - Silvertone AM Tube Radio From 1949 - American 5 tube Model number 9000-1832-857

Yup it is for sale, make us an offer


More on “Tubeology”

Here is a link to a short video “courtesy of Brent Jessee Recordings” Brent does a fine job of testing and grading the tubes he sells. (I have purchased tubes over the years from Brent and have recommended others to him) The video link will give you an idea of what I’m launching here at Classic Tube Audio with my “Tubeology” testing and grading process. (This will not be a process in competition with Brent) it is a service that I offer with my restoration/repair work or to customers who send me tubes they have that an in-depth test process can be performed. I will however offer on occasion “Tubeology” tested tubes for sale. But it is not my goal to compete with any of the fine offers by Brent or other tube sales operations

I’m just going much more in-depth. I have a highly modified Tektronix 576 scope, adding to this several precision regulated outboard power supplies, a precision “stepper amplifier” that allows for a huge range of bias voltage’s to be applied x10 or -5 volts =-50 volts giving me a bias range from 0 to -500 vdc. I’m also adding a unique way to actually load the tube and apply a/c signals (frequency sweeps). My goal is to provide a level of test results at a “lab level” many other parameters of the tubes will be supplied in my measurement results. At this time these results are proprietary to the “Tubeology” process.. More to come soon. The “Tubeology” process is a huge undertaking so of course I’m delayed in the roll-out. But it’s going to be worth it!

In the mean time enjoy Brent’s video.



More “Mac Attack”

Dr “Tubeology” loves his Mac!


McIntosh MC 2105 + C28 + MR74 = More McIntosh For Sale

Well as you might of guessed we like McIntosh gear actually we really really really like McIntosh gear (yes even if it doesn’t have tubes : – ), it’s one of the few audio products that has consistently produced excellent sounding and visually stunning components.

What we have here is a Mint Condition C28 Pre-Amp MR-74 Tuner and a MC2105 Power Amp all of them are in need of a good cleaning, with the exception of the MC-2105 which will need new glass because this one has the typical de-lamination / bubbling on the inside of the glass. Also a bit of trivia, the MC2105 was used on stage by Bob Weir one of the members of the Grateful Dead back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. How Cool Is That?

Check back soon to see them brought back to their original specs and appearance and if you are interested in purchasing them feel free to send us an offer.

Front Panel view of  Mcintosh C28 Preamp

Very nice and clean C28 Mcintosh Pre-amp before restoration

McIntosh MC-2105 Power Amp in wooden case - bubbles on glass

A very Nice McIntosh MC-2105 Amp in an original wooden case, too bad there are bubbles on the glass

MR74 McIntosh FM Tuner - Minty

Now that I have this I will be listening to FM now. A minty MR74 before restoration.

Bob Weir with a gibson acoustic guitar and a stack of new McIntosh equipment in his home studio

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead in his home studio with his new McIntosh -

Here is a photo of Bob Weir in his studio with his new Mcintosh Gear check it out on the Mcintosh Labs website here