Many ask, few know “Till Now”

My “Holy Grail” of amplifier… yes to my grave with me

The Atma Sphere “Novacron”


First some specific’s

All triode operation
Class-A operation
Patented Output TransformerLess circuit
Balanced Differential Design
Mono construction
Zero feedback
Standby switch for long output tube life
Separate bias controls for each tube
Simple, reliable circuit – one stage of gain
“Star” grounded circuit


Class A 60 watts RMS into 8 ohms
Power bandwidth: 2 Hz – 75 kHz within 1/2 db
Frequency response (1 watt): l Hz – 100 kHz within 1/2 db (-3db @ 1 MHz)
Phase shift: less than 1 degree @ 20 kHz
Power supply storage: 600 Joules/chassis
Output section risetime: 600 V/micro-sec.
Power consumption: 500 watts/chassis
Tube complement (per channel): Four 6C33C Russian triode power tubes
Four 12AT7 driver tubes

Ok, you have it my secret revealed..This is my amplifier type of choice pure output transformers! My “HOLY GRAIL” the cleanest fastest, most transparent, most musical, most everything of any amplifier I have owned over my 40+ years of listening..

here are a few links to products by Ralph and his company Atma Sphere and a link to the ways of OTL’s and more. Enjoy

Atma-Sphere Company Website Resources Common Amplifier Myths Our Basic Circuits

Thanks  Ralph and too your magic …

As good as they did sound without mods, I have completed many upgrades over the 10 years and now they are again at a new level of ultra performance.. sorry don’t ask, my secret.. just for me 🙂 well a little bit of a secret: it’s partly “Tubeology”

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