Marantz “on deck”!(Going Fast)

I just received in the shop (2) Marantz 8B’s (2) 10B tuners and (1) 7T Preamplifier. I’m posting up the first 8B its ready to go and fully bench tested. I have not done any work to it other then install two small electrolytics in the power supply to improve the regulation a bit. The outputs are RCA ‘s (But really sourced from Mullard) its says this right on the tubes. “made in Great Britain” they test at 90% so really strong. The other tubes test at 90% and are RCA/GE.. I have about 20 hours of run time on it and no issues, bias is stable and solid. $ 2500.00 buys it!, plus shipping of course..

I will post up the other Marantz classics as I have a chance to go through and validate each unit. Get your deposit

These Classic Components will go fast!

UPDATE (July 10) …Both Marantz 8b’s SOLD…Marantz 7t SOLD….One Marantz 10B SOLD…I have one  10b Tuner left (get your deposit in) Thank you to Rob of N.J. for your purchase!


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