McIntosh MC30 Rebuild – Chassis Shots

Well, 2 installments in 2 days – WOW a record, I just started to gather parts, and I just got confirmation from the parts distributor that my Caps are on the way along with some of the odd value resistors that I didn’t have in stock. I also ordered a few different types of high end tube sockets, I wanted to see which ones looked / fitted the best in the chassis. I will be posting some photos of those as soon as they arrive. in the meantime here are a few more photos.

Once I have figured out a price for the ultimate pair of MC30’s I will be posting it but in the meantime you are free to contact me with any questions or requests along with any offers for the completed pair.

McIntosh MC30 Chrome Chassis Top View of Silk Screen Lettering

Nice and crisp lettering MC30 Chrome Chassis


Bottom Chassis with original serial number plate preserved under many many coats of automotive clear coat

McIntosh MC30 chassis parts ready for assembly

McIntosh MC 30 chrome chassis, bottom chassis and transformer ready for assembly

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  1. Christopher B Hart

    Hi, I started purchasing from Pat a few months ago. I have to say, by far he is one of the most up and up people I’ve met. He has given me very good deals in the McIntosh equipment I’ve purchased. He has looked over each piece as if He was doing it for himself. I appreciate him and his help. Thanks Pat. Chris

  2. Pat

    Thank you very much Chris for the kind endorsement and for your business. I really appreciate it.
    enjoy all your new audio toys ! this is such a great hobby


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