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Heathkit W-5M mono amplifier completed restoration

Heathkit W-5M mono amplifier completed restoration

mint Heathkit w-5m Mono Amp

Heathkit W-5M mono amplifier completed restoration

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  1. Hello Pat / Paul ;
    I myself have only one Heathkit W-5M and a Preamp WA-P2 . I was wondering if a fuse was Blown would the leaky Cap under the silver cap case Please excuse my terminology for I am quite new to the tube world . and a little Green ! Lol …
    my heathkit is almost new looking both units they were stored in a heated room for a mans life a long time ! this ma became sick and had a state sale and low and behold ( Boom ) I have them now I paid a lot for these units and would like to try and get another set to have a complete set ? but if not I would like to sell these and get a Perreaux which I have the SM2 Preamp either way can you please help me ?
    P.S. this set of Heathkit Units are very well Built and I know why this W-5M and WA-P2 are your Favorites ! ! ! I’ll send you some Pics of the units in the info mail there;s no plac e to send pics here.
    Thanks again for taking your time out to read my Call LOL
    Best Regards,
    Derrick … KJ101.1 :-)))
    Take Care and Have a Great Day
    ( Pat / Paul The Kool Tube Guy’s )

  2. Pat

    Hey Derrick, did we ever answer your questions here?

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