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Scott LK-72 Fully Restored

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  1. Richard Alexanain

    Somewhere around the late 50’s or early 60’s I purchased an Lk72 kit from Lafayette
    Radio in Boston. At the same time I bought a Dynaco Tuner a pair of LRE Eliptopflex
    Speaker Cabinet Kits and a pair of Goodmans 12″ full range speakers. When I built
    the amp it worked on the first try. Some time later I went to an audio show and the
    Scott technician gave a new type of intergrated chip to replace the Riaa unit which
    was soldered to a front panel switch. Other than replacing tubes I had to replace a
    couple of capicitators. At one of the audio shows I took the LK72 to see what
    Mcintosh had to say and came away with a bitter taste as they derided my proud
    achievement in comparison to theirs. I also built a Dynaco tuner and in the early
    years had to line up left and right channels FM and AM to get stereo. I would later
    insert a Multiplex into the Dynaco which was envisioned but had just come out.
    I did not realize that FM stereo could have been reality a lot sooner as Sarnoff
    and others had blocked that development and tied it up.
    I do not have the LK72 or any of the old equipment
    Richard Alexanian

  2. Pat

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for sharing your history of audio that you had in the early 60’s, the Scotts were indeed fine units, I remember the specific mod that was offered by Scott for the RIAA correction update. It was a little PEC (packaged electronic component) part. In the early years a few manufactures made these little assemblies up they consisted of a network of resistors and caps on a small wafer board and then sealed in a type of epoxy coating. They also were used extensively in the active tone controls on Scott components. McIntosh clinics were known to have some pretty snooty McIntosh employees at the events (McIntosh Clinic’s) that was not uncommon to have them bash other brands

    How I remember the “war” going on with simulcast FM-AM stereo and the Sarnoff battles. It was great to have the real FM prevail. (Frequency modulation) It was a very lame offering using the am band as one of the channels in a simulcast. I bet you really enjoyed the Dynaco with the FM MPX decoder. They did and still do sound very very good

    Thanks for sharing your Hi-Fi experience with us


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