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Beginning of precision parts installation

Glad my eyes can still work in close quarters

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  1. please I need faceplate (glass) for my mc2105,you company have in stock ?

  2. pat

    Hello Fernando,

    I do not have glass for a McIntosh 2105 in stock, Have you tried Audio Classics? they have McIntosh parts


  3. Rejean

    I recently bought an MC-225 reconditioned some time ago by reputed specialists.
    The main transformer become very hot after 2 or 3 hours operating. I would like to know if it is a normal condition.
    Also, the unit emited some mechanical buzzing, more when hot.
    Could the use of medium efficiency speakers (Wilson Sophia 3) augmented the heat of the main transformer of the MC-225?

    I would appreciate your advice about those conditions.

  4. Pat

    Sorry for my slow reply, I have just been moving into my new shop location. It is not normal for the power transformer to become unusually hot, a buzzing noise when it gets warm is indicative of an excess load on the power supply. It should not be run this way for extended periods of time as the power transformer could fail and that is not an easy part to obtain and replace. Let me know how I may be of help


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