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Pat, I’ve spent the last week listening to the Marantz 5’s every day.  Paired with the Model 7 pre, 10 tuner, Garrard 301 and Altec Carmel speakers, this system sounds better than any I’ve heard till now.  I’m extremely impressed with the tone and clarity from the amps and just fantastic presence in vocals and instruments.  I love the vintage sound (tone) with clarity I’ve come to expect from high end equipment.  I actually think I may prefer this sound to the more modern SET Shindo and Thoress I have in my main system.  Thank you for all the work that you did on these amps and you have one very happy customer for life.

David A


IMG_2050 IMG_2053

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  1. N.J.

    Hi David A,
    Beautiful system you have there with the super rare Model 10 tuner. I am keeping a database of surviving Model 10 tuners. As you know, only 100 were ever produced. I would like to add your tuner to my database. I own Serial number 35, by the way. Thanks!

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