McIntosh = MINT MC60’s For Sale!

We are in restoration process of a pair of MC60’s, that when complete will be as nice as the ones pictured or just a tad bit cleaner!. Be the one to reserve this pair for you, all it takes is a deposit to  reserve them. We estimate final completion by April 30, 2012.. the pictured pair you see is a set we completed just a while back.

I wanted to get you a picture that would be fully represetative of this pair now in process. The work will be all power supply caps replaced, power supply fully rebuilt, precision matched critical circuit resistors will be 1% low noise metal film types. The audio signal path capacitors will all be matched Mylar (orange dips), all small signal tubes NOS test as new Telefunkins or RCA for drivers. Rectifiers all NOS test 5u4 types. Output tubes matched new issue Tung-Sol 6550’s. This is a full rebuild not just a few parts thrown in. Once complete a rigorous 30 hour burn in QC process begins, all voltages will be referenced to original McIntosh specifications. Finally the sound?.. Fabulous McIntosh 100%

These will go soon, act now $ 4500.00 (the pair)

Thanks, the “Tubology Team”


4-15-2012. We have a pending sale, I will change this to sold when we receive the deposit funds.


4-18-2010 They are now gone and in process of restoration for their new home. We always have more gear, don’t be shy inquire