It’s all in the name “Western Electric”!

Western Electric 274A.

A heralded name in tube manufacturing, Western Electric is a name known worldwide for their outstanding vacuum tubes. Their classic 274A is a legend, setting the world standard for quality

This tube was purchased from an estate that I had contact with the family. Among many other treasures I purchased. I have been restoring fine classic audio gear for over 40 years. This is a rare tube to find in this condition. As you see pictured I have a highly modified and very accurate Hickok 539C tube tester. I have displayed this tube for you under actual test conditions. It reads at near original specification and tests near perfect!..

The results show this tube has had very little use if any. The box and packing is missing due to the fact that the whole box of tubes that I had purchased had been in a damp environment and the box simply was decayed to near nothing. I will not ship out of country due to lots of fraud and scams. I will ship very well packed and with written test results.

You can own this for $ 825.00