I can’t Resist – Shirt Woot

Well it finally arrived after 10 days – my first Shirt WOOT, and what a fine shirt it is, check out the photo. Very cleaver…

What is WOOT? It is a website that offers one VERY Random, super good deal every day, when the item is sold out- it is gone never to return. , Shirt WOOT is an off shoot of the original WOOT that offers up a different t-shirt every day. Since its inception WOOT has grown a bit, and now has 4 different categories’ of WOOTING:

  1. Original – 1 super good deal l Today’s deal August 7th is a very nicely eqip=
  2. Shirt Woot – 1 original possibly quirky 100% cotton tshirts
  3. Wine Woot – here ya get a few bottles of the good stuff for a great price ,again RANDOM
  4. Deal Woot – this is where the items that do not sell out in a day end up.

So. There you have it, cool shirts appear where you least expect them.

Resist - spelled out in block letters using the resistor symbols from a schematic