McIntosh MC 2105 + C28 + MR74 = More McIntosh For Sale

Well as you might of guessed we like McIntosh gear actually we really really really like McIntosh gear (yes even if it doesn’t have tubes : – ), it’s one of the few audio products that has consistently produced excellent sounding and visually stunning components.

What we have here is a Mint Condition C28 Pre-Amp MR-74 Tuner and a MC2105 Power Amp all of them are in need of a good cleaning, with the exception of the MC-2105 which will need new glass because this one has the typical de-lamination / bubbling on the inside of the glass. Also a bit of trivia, the MC2105 was used on stage by Bob Weir one of the members of the Grateful Dead back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. How Cool Is That?

Check back soon to see them brought back to their original specs and appearance and if you are interested in purchasing them feel free to send us an offer.

Front Panel view of  Mcintosh C28 Preamp

Very nice and clean C28 Mcintosh Pre-amp before restoration

McIntosh MC-2105 Power Amp in wooden case - bubbles on glass

A very Nice McIntosh MC-2105 Amp in an original wooden case, too bad there are bubbles on the glass

MR74 McIntosh FM Tuner - Minty

Now that I have this I will be listening to FM now. A minty MR74 before restoration.

Bob Weir with a gibson acoustic guitar and a stack of new McIntosh equipment in his home studio

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead in his home studio with his new McIntosh -

Here is a photo of Bob Weir in his studio with his new Mcintosh Gear check it out on the Mcintosh Labs website here