Whammerdyne Truth Unveiling

Classic Tube Audio just debuted the Whammerdyne Heavy Industries ” Truth” 2a3 Single Ended Triode 5 watt amplifier on Sunday to the Oregon Triode Society members at a BBQ picnic hosted at Pat (Dr Tubeology’s) house across the river in Southwest Washington.

A crowd of about 22 members of the Oregon Triode Society came and listened to the new Truth 2a3 amp. The overall impression was impressive!. The most heard comments were “it sounds fast” it is very loud for 5 watts… and “WOW!” not to mention we liked it too. It sounds like real live music, just like you are there at the live event “Astounding” Keep in mind that this is one of the first ever capacitor-less DC coupled amplifiers on the market.

We had it connected to a pair of Zu Audio’s Omen Book Shelf speakers and a Schiit Bitfrost DAC with the Uber analog outputs which we ran uncompressed .flac files off of a laptop through the USB interface. All critical signal amplifier internal cabling by Jenna Labs

Check back soon for the launch of the Whammerdyne Truth website and more information about how you can own one of these special once in a lifetime amps. (our first production run is now in process and 3 will be ready in about 30 days!)..next run will begin in December and take till next March 2015. This will be a run of 5 more. These are fully hand built and no attention to detail is left along with all components used are the best components available period and hand matched.


“The last amp you will ever buy!”