The 6v6 Tube

Here is one of my favorite output tubes it is the famous RCA 6v6 and all of its variations. I found this photo on the Tube World website.

All of the different versions of the RCA 6v6 - Thank You Tube World

The 6v6 is a beam-power pentode designed for use in the audio-frequency power output stage of , radio, pa, stereo, and guitar amps it produces approxmatly 5 watts of output power in a single ended configuration and up to 18 watts in a push pull setup. here is the datasheet if you want to know more about this wonderful low power output tube.

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  1. Peter Simmons

    Found your website through a search, and it is very informative. I completely agree that the 6V6 is a great tube. It may not be the loudest, but for pure HIGH FIDELITY, it can’t be beat. It has a FAT, FULL sound that other tubes like the 6L6, EL34, EL84 lack. I have been seriously into high fidelity since I was 13, and I am now 71. And I have never found any audio amplifier (including the awful solid state ones, past and current) that can even come close to the absolute purity and beauty of the sound of amps with 6V6. Remember, the word “fidelity” means FAITHFUL! I actually feel sorry for younger people that have never even HEARD tube amps, and don’t know the true meaning of audio perfection. They are truly missing out!

  2. Pat

    Hi Peter, I fully agree with you about the 6V6 tube , and second your comment about “solid State” UGG horrible when compared to a properly engineered tube amplifiers. I’m nearly the same as you with my audio career, I was around 12 when I started with my electronics projects pursuits, got my general class ham license at 14 years old, and I’m now 63. The life in audio has been a wonderful one. Here’s to many more years for all of us!


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