The “Way back machine” RCA

Here we have one of two RCA (mono) amplifiers from the mid 40’s! The owner has encased them in very nice wood enclosures that sport RCA inputs, Speaker binding posts, fuse and off/on switch. I’m now working on what I can do to wring out all the sound they are capable of. The circuit is a little unique, parallel push pull outputs (6L6’s) 4 and 6C4 driver gain tubes and phase splitters.  The unit had little in the way of  proper design in the feedback loop and circuit. So I have started with a new design here along with some rearranging of the power supply and changes to the cathode bias circuit on the outputs. The amps for made for large commercial PA systems

Latest, I have one complete with new circuit revisions and new components, I must say it is sounding very nice. Still a way to go…..stay tuned

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