Buying Marantz

We are Buying Marantz Stereo Equipment – the older the better, if you have any vintage, or tube Marantz Stereo or Mono equipment we would love to hear what you have and make you a fair offer.

We have been buying, selling, trading and repairing  high quality vintage audio gear since the early 1980’s, this is not our primary business, and we have fairly low overhead, and do all the restoration work ourselves. this allows us to pay a little bit more than our competitors.  not only that but we really like what we do. So if you are here on our website and have a piece of vintage Marantz gear that no longer works or if you need a little extra money please feel free to contact us via our web form or give us a call 503-887-9015, and… if you are in Portland OR you are welcome to bring your piece by my office and we can make a deal that works for both of us.

Marantz Logo

We are interested in the following model numbers however if you have a piece of gear that is not on this list please contact us for a buy quote – we are also interested in a select few Marantz receivers

Amps – tube

  • Model 2 Mono
  • Model 5 Mono
  • Model 8 Stereo
  • Model 8B Stereo
  • Model 9 Mono
  • Model 9R Mono
  • if you have any solid state amps let us know –


  • Model 1 Preamp
  • Model 7C Preamp
  • If you have any solid state pre-amps please let  us know

Tuners – Tube

  • 10 Tuner
  • 10 b Tuner
  • 10 r Tuner
  • If you have a solid state tuner please contact us, we may be interested

Feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

I work best through email as I check it frequently

Or call weekdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (503) 887-9015 West Coast Time

For items that are not on this list please contact us.