Seller Testimonials

Working with Pat was a pleasure. He responded quickly to emails and his communications were always clear. I always knew exactly what to expect in the process when I sold him some vintage tube stereo components. Now I have a good person to work for the next time I find vintage audio equipment in an abandoned storage unit.

Judy T
Sudbury, MA


I had been looking to sell my Marantz Model 8 tube amplifier for some time but could never find a good purchaser or get what I thought would be a good price for the unit.  I was also looking for a company that would give it some TLC (Tender Loving Care).  I began searching again this year and came across Classic Tube Audio ( and decided to check them out.  My email inquiry got a very fast response from Pat (one of the owners).  I sent some pictures of the amp and Pat responded promptly with what I felt was a fair price.  Arrangements were made to ship the amp to Pat (who gave very concise packing instructions), and the amp was packed up and sent across the country from New York to Oregon.  I was sad to see it go, but I know it will find a good home.  Upon receiving the amplifier a check was issued to me to complete the deal.  Service was excellent and very professional!  I would not hesitate to do business with Classic Tube Audio again.  On a side note, my wife thought I was foolish to send my amplifier across the country without receiving any payment but I knew from emails and talking with Pat that I could trust him.

Note: This amplifier has always had great sound and I am sure it will sound even better once Pat has worked his magic on it!

Jeff M
Brooklyn, NY


It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Pat.  He provided me with a very fair price for my old McIntosh.  He assisted me in the shipping process.  He communicated clearly, promptly, and courteously.  It also gives me a good feeling to know that he will refurbish this classic and give it a second life.  I would recommend his services without hesitation.  Thanks again Pat for a great experience!!

Tom D
Conshohocken, PA.


I want to post a little bit about my purchase from Pat,  of CLASSIC TUBE AUDIO!!

He had some very expensive vintage Marantz amps & pre-amps!
I live over by the East coast & was a little apprehensive about
purchasing equipment online & at $20,000.
After, Pat & I talked a little bit. I felt much better & we made a deal.
The deal was to split the purchase.
I would send him part of the funds & after I received the first delivery
I would send the funds for the rest of the equipment.
We were both comfortable after talking on the phone.
Pat told me before he would send the equipment, each would be tested
so to be in perfect working order.
He also told me he would take pics of the testing.
He sent me many pictures of the equipment, well lit with much detail.
Seeing the pictures I couldn’t wait to get the equipment.
He described the equipment exactly.
I trust this the man explicitly!
He was prompt in testing & shipping the equipment.
My only complaint: (just kidding, NO COMPLAINT)
It took me a very long time & a lot of effort to unpack the equipment.
That is the care he took to make sure these irreplaceable amps & pre-amps
would arrive safely to me.
Thanks Pat hope to hear from you soon, on some future finds!!
Eastern US