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FORSALE – Pair of Heathkit W7-A – Super Rare & Super Mint

Each of these amps have had the following work completed by Classic Tube Audio.
You can own these for $995.00 + Shipping

  • New Power Supply Caps
  • New Bias Supply Caps
  • New Diodes in Power Supply and Bias Supply
  • All New Coupling Caps
  • New Thermistors for controlled slow start
  • Checked all of the critical resistors to make sure they are within Spec
  • New JJ El34 power tubes
  • NOS Used Tested 87% Matched 6an8 Driver Tubes

Chassis buffed and waxed and all pots cleaned with de-oxit

The only issue is one amp has a mismatched knob – I will include a matching knob so that both amps are exactly the same. –

Also one of the amps has a scratch by the plastic Heathkit logo maybe you can see it in the photos – or I can send you another photo of the scratch if you would like.

Overall this pair of Heathkits W7-A amps are about as mint as you can get all paint is shiny with a few minor scratches – (See photos).
The Cages are also very clean, however the cages do have a few scuffs and scratches.
see these on Ebay


Heathkit w7-A el34 monoblock with tube cage

They both function 100% and sound amazing. They are a loud 55 or so watts each.
The Balance and Bias Hold Perfectly !!!
These amps are super rare –



Underside of Restored Heathkit w7-A monoblock with new coupling caps

Pair heathkit W7-M

Mint Pair of Heathkit w7-A amplifiers 100% Restored


Super Clean Heathkit W7-A with JJ El34 tubes

Whammerdyne Details

Look at the details on the Whammerdyne Truth 2a3 Amp.

See more at:

Coming soon:



Whammerdyne Ultimate 2a3 Amp

Whammerdyne Ultimate 2a3 Amp

Whammerdyne truth 2a3

Whammerdyne Truth 2a3

Whammerdyne Truth Unveiling

Classic Tube Audio just debuted the Whammerdyne Heavy Industries ” Truth” 2a3 Single Ended Triode 5 watt amplifier on Sunday to the Oregon Triode Society members at a BBQ picnic hosted at Pat (Dr Tubeology’s) house across the river in Southwest Washington.

A crowd of about 22 members of the Oregon Triode Society came and listened to the new Truth 2a3 amp. The overall impression was impressive!. The most heard comments were “it sounds fast” it is very loud for 5 watts… and “WOW!” not to mention we liked it too. It sounds like real live music, just like you are there at the live event “Astounding” Keep in mind that this is one of the first ever capacitor-less DC coupled amplifiers on the market.

We had it connected to a pair of Zu Audio’s Omen Book Shelf speakers and a Schiit Bitfrost DAC with the Uber analog outputs which we ran uncompressed .flac files off of a laptop through the USB interface. All critical signal amplifier internal cabling by Jenna Labs

Check back soon for the launch of the Whammerdyne Truth website and more information about how you can own one of these special once in a lifetime amps. (our first production run is now in process and 3 will be ready in about 30 days!) run will begin in December and take till next March 2015. This will be a run of 5 more. These are fully hand built and no attention to detail is left along with all components used are the best components available period and hand matched.


“The last amp you will ever buy!”

MC30 Rebuild Project Part 3

Well, here we are – the 9pin sockets are installed into the chassis and the circuit board is also attached, now to figure out where all those wires need to go.

notice how the heater wires are attached to the 9pin sockets – very good idea I think that I may use that on one of my custom builds.

stay tuned for part 4

McIntosh MC30 Tag Board install

9 pin sockets and board installed on the custom McIntosh MC30 rebuild project

MC30 Rebuild Project Part 2

So far we have the new McIntosh Mc30 chassis re-chromed, the MC30 transformers and base plates painted with gloss black automotive paint and now we have the first of 2 stuffed circuit boards all ready for final installation.

I have used Teflon coated silver aircraft wire which is a much higher quality than the original. All the resistors are hand picked to be less than 1% of tolerance and in most cases they measure exactly as the schematic says they should.

The black cap’s you see on the board are Solen’s made in France.

McIntosh Main Board Old and New

McIntosh MC30 Main Board old and new

Allied Knight-Kit km-15 mono amps X 2

I traded a 18 watt Marshall Clone amp for a pair of these super rare unbuilt Allied Knight-Kit KM-15 mono amps. The KM-15 is a small push pull amp. It has 2 inputs, a phono and tuner, and is rated at 12 watts RMS. The KM-15 uses a two 12ax7 tubes for the pre-amp and phase splitter, and 2 el84 (6bq5) tubes for the power amp section; and for rectification it uses a EZ81(6ca4) tube. See specs below.

As stated above these are un-built and came with everything as they did from the factory with the exception of the tubes. Someone went in and swapped out the original Mullard tubes and replaced them with some Sovtek (they are dated Jan, 1999 so they are even NOS at this point.

Now for the big question do I build them, or put them on Ebay? Part of me wants to build a vintage kit, I think it would be a hoot, on the other hand I have plenty of amps and have rebuilt several kit amps such as this pair of Heathkit w5m’s. – what should I do? Reply in the comments below.

And if you want to buy them and build them make me an offer.

new in box Knight-Kit KM15

I just opened the box

All the parts to build a pair of Knight Kit KM-15 mono amps - Mint and Un-Built

All the parts to build a pair of Knight Kit KM-15 mono amps – Mint and Un-Built

a close up of the chassis, mint original paint job

a close up of the chassis, mint original paint job


KM-15 Knight Kit amp new in box

All of the parts including the wire and hardware are still in neat little plastic bags with the Allied Knight Logo printed on them

Knight Kit KM-15

Inputs Tuner Input and Phono Input
Rated Power 12 Watts Continuous Sine-wave; 14watts IHMF
Peak Power 24 Watts; 48 Watts IHMF
Frequency Response + or – 1 1/2 db 30 to 15,000 cycles at 6 watts
Harmonic Distortion less than 1% at 12 watt, at 1kc (through the tuner input; Tone control settings normal)
Hum and Noise Better than 65db below 12 watts referred to 1 volt input at Tuner;Better than 45db below 12 watts, referred to 10mv input at Phono
Power Sensitivety 5mv at Phono input for 12 watts output1 volt at Tuner input for 12 watts output
Feedback 15db negative feedback
Controls Bass control: 9db of bass boost or cut at 40cpsTreble control: 9db of treble boost or cut at 10kcTuner or Phono selector switch

Volume control

Output inpedances 4, 8, and 16 ohm
Tube Complement 2 – el84/6bq62 – 12ax7 / ECC831 EZ81/6CA4 Rectifier
Power Consumption 50 Watts at 117 Volts, 60 cycle AC
Dimensions 5″ High, 91/2″ Wide, 6″ Deep