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Cool , I love Tubes

Little old me? I love Tubes!

We specialize in vintage (Classic) electronics offering first class service, repairs and restorations of fine vacuum tube electronics. I also stay current and service many of the vacuum tube components that have been in more recent manufacture or are currently manufactured. I have 45 years of electronics background in tube audio, Hi-Fi and ham radio electronics. Oh yes, I design and build, manufacture and prototype tube components, with a focus on OTL  and Triode Single Ended (SE) DC coupled amplifiers.

One thing you will find with us is real service (remember that?) when service meant honesty, timeliness and fair pricing?. Our passion has never wandered to keep this tradition of real service. If you have not reviewed the site yet, please do..See our tech area you will find one of the most well equipped service areas around. We do have our shop in a home environment, it affords us with lower operating costs. No showroom and retail store overhead!. I can assure you we handle all of the components as if they were our own..We do put a little piece of us in each classic component serviced. Got questions? I love to chat

Thank you for your support in advance!

Sincerely, Pat AKA: Dr. Tubeology


I’m making progress on adding updates every day… stay tuned! (no pun intended) yes it was, I do FM tuners and full alignments… funny guy..

13 Responses

  1. Sorry, they are so rare , I do not have one nor do I know of any contatcs who might , sorry

  2. yes I would do you have any photos you can possibly send me?

  3. I have a large tektronix cathode oscope and another large tek scope accessory loaded with tubes. I also have a huge box of tectronix technical manuals, (about 5o), for many of their products. Also a 6 foot+ stack of WWII radios that I would like to get rid of. If you are interested, call Jim at 503-695-5538. My location is Corbett Or, so we are fairly close. Thank you for your time.

  4. Jim,

    Please contact me I would be happy to speak with you about the components you have and make an offer, Yes you are not far from me I’m in Camas, WA
    I would be happy to plan a day and make a visit


  5. I am looking for an electrical cord for a Marantz Audio Consolette – 6 prong.
    If you have one please email
    thank You,

  6. hello Don, do you have a list or can you send me a photo or two?

  7. Hello David,

    Sorry I do not have the special cable with the ends you need, one can source the plugs possibly through Mouser Electronics or Allied and make up a cable assembly


  8. Hi Pat, this is the fellow who bought the Heathkit W-5M mono blocks from you. I replaced the worn power cords, the chassis power cord grommets, and replaced the 12AU7’s with a matched quad set of Baldwin low noise types. All is working well with them and they sound beautiful. I have aquired a Dynaco PAS-3 preamp in mint cosmetic condition and was wondering what it would cost to recap it and get running like new? Whoever built and assembled this unit did a very nice job, top notch soldering and wire forming. A definite keeper. I traded a set of vintage Altec Santana speakers for it.

  9. Hello Gary,

    I sent you a personal email regarding the upgrades and service to the PAS-3 they are great pre-amps..Thanks for the nice comments on the Heathkit W-5’s
    let me know on the PAS, I can help on it anytime


  10. hello.i have a masco ma-25pn record player i am wanting to use for guitar.how much torture to change it over?i use a tubescreamer,phase and reverb with a 12″celestion or vintage rola speaker.low wattage and frequencies are my preference.looks are not paramount.i am open to leaving the turntable mounted and bypassed.thanks for your time. john

  11. It can be done, but it will take a little circuit work, is there a specific reason why you would like to covert and use the Masco?


  12. I hope this is with in your topics. I have a DeVry Model RS 1966 16mm Portable motion Picture Projector and Amp Chassis.
    I wanted it for a guitar amp. However, it seems that there may be some interest as a collectors item. Could you shed some light on this. Thank you. Hope all is well for you.

  13. Greg, If you see this reply. Please contact Paul, my business associate. he is the “music man” of the group
    email me at: [email protected] and I will connect you to him