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Scott LK-150

Another view of the famous Scott amplifier

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  1. wolfgang Römer

    Hello from germany, which RECTIFIER Tubes are shown on the LK 150 picture?
    I will get mine in a few days and want to supply him with this nice looking tubes.
    Best regards, Wolfgang

  2. pat

    Hello, The Scott LK-150 uses the 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier.. the 150 is a very good sounding amplifier when properly restored

  3. wolfgang Römer

    Ok, but which brand have this cokebottled GZ 34…?

  4. pat

    To my knolwedge Wolfgang, there are no GZ-34’s issued in the “coke bottle” ST style glass

  5. wolfgang Römer

    Ok, but on this link above, are shown 2 coke bottled or ST shaped Rectifiers,
    that must be GZ34, please have a look to the picture above from the LK 150! This tubes i mean!!! The LK 150 uses GZ34, right.?
    Best regards, Wolfgang

  6. pat

    Hi Wolfgang,

    The one’s that you see in the 150 pictured were 5R4’s they were incorrectly insateed by the owner. After I rebuilt the amplifier I installed the correct 5AR4/GZ34 rectifiers. Hope that clears up the mistery. The 5R4’s were causing an undervolt issue in the B+ supply

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