If you are out of the area shipping is always an option. I receive components from all over the country, even outside our borders. If possible I prefer you ship to us using FedEx. We have found over the years that they have been the most reliable, but they do take care in shipping. I have had little issue with items that have transit damage.

Now, you must pack it well, we are happy to provide detailed packing instructions via email or when you are ready to ship. We will use your packing materials and FedEx ground, insured only for the return trip. If your original packing materials are deemed unacceptable a price will be quoted for safer packing. Especially McIntosh components as the glass faceplate’s need special packing attention.


We can accept US Postal money orders, bank checks, wire transfers and PayPal (not our preferred method, we will charge you the PayPal discount fee as part of the transaction) Sorry PayPal is an EBay monopoly

The Process:

What is my process when I receive your prized component for repairs or restoration? The first thing upon arrival it is immediately unpacked and a visual inspection made, any possible shipping damage or other cosmetic issues are noted. We email you with acknowledgement of receipt of the component and the condition.

Our evaluation process is the same for every unit. First we ask that you provide as much detail as possible with what problems you might be experiencing with your component. Yes, I know sometimes this is hard but the more we have the better. Was it playing fine and pop? did it emit an odor or smoke, has it had a slow compounding failure, one channel louder then another? or noisy, scratchy, ETC. you get the idea..

Next we do a bench evaluation with a test of voltages, the  tubes among many other tests and then develop a set of recommended repairs and cost estimates along with optional upgrades if applicable that can offer better performance, safer operation and reliability.

At this point we make a call or an email with the details and once approved we will provide you with an estimated turnaround time. All components once completed get at least 8-10 hours of full run time playing music. It does not leave our shop until we are happy with its sonic and operational performance.


Simple 90 days on parts and labor (Including tubes) for the work done. (sorry, we cannot be held accountable for unrealistic expectations as to sound quality, these are old components in may cases and or circuit designs that cannot perform any better then the original design and manufacturer intended application, or incompatibility with other components/speakers) No warranty for improper use and or connections. You pay the shipping to us we pay it for the return.


It is hard to cover all the possibilities from shipping to repairs. So I encourage good communication both ways.. Yes, Really!! talk.. novel concept but we do business the old fashioned way.. Good communication, good service, means happy life long customers. 40 years and counting!