Changes on the wind………………………….

Classic Tube Audio is growing!, now gong into our 44 th year, our shop work space is busting at the seams. You know what that means ?, cleaning up and reorganizing it’s just not working anymore. So with that said a new shop is in order and in the works over the next 60 days we are constructing our dream lab.

I will be sacrificing a lot of electronics in the process, I do not wish to move all this heavy electronics audio inventory. Below is a partial list. no sane offer refused. Yes sane, do not insult me or yourself by being a low-baller. I will tell you to go pound sand.. Ha Ha. But if you are fair with me I will be in kind to you.

As we move toward the build out of the shop I will post progress reports. With the new shop comes changes with me I will be spending a lot more time on the bench so I will be expanding my offerings service wise taking in more work. Turnaround times will improve, as to quality of work no changes we already are #1 top rated in the good old USA we live and breathe vacuum tube Hi-Fi, new old in-between………

Dr Tubeology

Tube whisperer

New Arrivals, 
1)     McIntosh 2505 stereo amplifier, just serviced works perfect clean and in great condition $ 900.00

 1)     Pair Marantz Model 5 Tube mono-Block amplifiers EL 34   Tube (RARE) As-Is non restored, SOLD 8-2016

1)     McIntosh Model MC30 mono amplifier (Tube)

1)     McIntosh C8 Mono Pre-amplifier (Tube) ($ 395.00 as-is)



Very Rare Audiophile Amplifiers:


1) Futterman OTL 3 Complete (mono-bloc pair) restored and for sale (RARE) $ 2500.00 the pair (SOLD 8-2016)

(just changed the price as I installed a better set of close matched output tubes and also did a few circuit revisions, they are functioning better than new!, I was able to lower the distortion even more with some additional bypassing of the power supply)


1) Mr. Liang 845 amplifier ($ 500.00) Mint and functions perfect

2) McIntosh C20 pre-amplifier (1) sold 4/2016) (2nd one SOLD 8-2016)

1) McIntosh MR65B FM Stereo tuner (Ready to go and complete with original packing and box and documents)

1) Celestion SL600 bookshelf speakers (Pair)rough (Sold 7-2-2016)

1) Marantz 10B FM Stereo tuner (This will go into Q for full rebuild) ($ 2000.00)

1) Adcom GTP500 stereo Pre-Amplifier/Tuner/With phono (150.00)

1) Linn Basik LV X arm looks to be (new in box) with new Linn cartridge in headshell $ 600.00

1) McIntosh MC275 (to restore yet with new chassis and rebuilt electronics $ 4,000) or as is $ 2500.00 (SOLD)

3) McIntosh MR71 (One sold 5/2016 (2nd sold 6/2016) (1) Left, its in ok condition about a 4 on the scale, $ 150.00 as is

1) Marantz Model 8b Stereo Tube Amplifier (as-is $ 1500.00)

3) McIntosh MC240’s (2 sold 03-2016)(one sold 04-2016) 3 left

4) McIntosh MC30’s (2 sold 3-2016)

1) McIntosh C20 ($ 2100.00) (Near mint) all documents Never touched as it was originally works perfect

2) McIntosh MC2505 (MINT, 10 on the scale fully 100% operating $ 1100.00) (One Sold 5/2016), One I’m servicing, last one ready to go 8-8-2016
1) McIntosh 2505 stereo amplifier, just serviced works perfect clean and in great condition $ 900.00

2) McIntosh MR67

1) McIntosh 1700 (near mint $ 700.00) SOLD 8-8-2016

3) McIntosh C24, C26, C28 (1 each) (1 c26 sold 03-2016)

1) McIntosh MR500

1) McIntosh MR78 (gets new face glass and re-aligned $ 1100.00)

2) McIntosh MR74 (Sold 6-30-16) One MR74 left condition is 7.0 works fine

1) McIntosh MR500 Stereo FM Tuner

1) McIntosh MC2155 Stereo Power Amplifier ($ 1,000.00)

2) McIntosh MR 65 FM Stereo Tuner

1) Dual (United Audio) 1015 Turntable as is not tested, clean with manual (as-is $ 120.00)

1) Linn Sondek LP-12 Turntable with Ittok IV arm and Koestu Rosewood signature cartridge ($ 3500.00)

1) Michell “Micro” Turntable with Rega RB300 arm and Sumiko nude bluepoint (1200.00)

1)     Mono Marantz model 5 tube amplifier untested EL34 Tube clean (as-is 1500.00)


In the Q for rebuild

1) McIntosh C29 pre-amplifier, now in process

 More Hi-End and Audiophile electronics

 1) Pair Zu “Omen” larger book shelf speakers (no longer using I upgraded to large Zu’s) See website for details MINT $ 900.00

1) Bi-Frost DAC (Digital to analog converter) Mint with all UBER upgrades MINT $ 550.00

1) iFi Nano USB DAC mint all boxes and materials) $ 150.00 near brand new


 Many of the components offered are used in good working condition and bench checked (Trade-in’s and upgrades) My service is personal, professional and attentive, by appointment only. Please email me and I will be happy to follow up with you and set an appointment.

 See my extensive service and repair offerings on Craig’s list: Service’s offered (Small business ads section) check me out at:

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 **Our new offering is a home grown “Ultimate” 2A3 Vacuum Tube amplifier called the Truth; please see our direct website for more about this world class amplifier:, This year’s highlights. The CAS Stereo show in SF and received accolades as one of the best sounding systems at the show, Stereophile mentioned us as one of the top sounding systems, The Audio Traveler, noted at THE Show in Newport we were a show stopper. The NY Audio show, we just received the “Gold” award for one of the best sound rooms at the show. Soon to be revealed, “Product of the Year 2105” with a full review from

an internationally recognized hi-end audio publication, Tone Audio magazine’s premiere hard copy “printed” edition 


RARE !!!! McIntosh 50W-2 Amplifier RARE !!!!

Here up for sale just as we received it. This was in dry and unused storage for ?.. decades as far as I can tell. It was shipped to me in unknown operational condition. I have installed good test old stock tubes some original McIntosh branded and a new grounded power cord. I have slowly powered up on a variac. I found that I had some slight hum noise from the power supply and I have installed a temporary under chassis electrolytic cap to minimize the hum and get clean DC It’s near dead quiet now, the unit has now been run at full power and plays fine with no issues found. I would recommend that the power supply electrolytic’s be replaced if a person wishes to use this as a daily music amplifier.This unit is clean for its age. Some light scrapes and light dings, along with some paint wear as evident in the photos on the main amplifier chassis. This model was produced from 1951 – 1955 a total of 3068 units were produced. This units serial number is worn off by some past persons cleaning. The early McIntosh logos are clean and bright with very minor damage.It is sold as is, but functional. A McIntosh classic, this is the second model series that McIntosh ever produced.Price firm plus shipping $ 1500.00. (Original owners manual included) Just to mention how rare this is, This is only the third one I have seen in 31 years

McIntosh MC30 Rebuild – Chassis Shots

Well, 2 installments in 2 days – WOW a record, I just started to gather parts, and I just got confirmation from the parts distributor that my Caps are on the way along with some of the odd value resistors that I didn’t have in stock. I also ordered a few different types of high end tube sockets, I wanted to see which ones looked / fitted the best in the chassis. I will be posting some photos of those as soon as they arrive. in the meantime here are a few more photos.

Once I have figured out a price for the ultimate pair of MC30’s I will be posting it but in the meantime you are free to contact me with any questions or requests along with any offers for the completed pair.

McIntosh MC30 Chrome Chassis Top View of Silk Screen Lettering

Nice and crisp lettering MC30 Chrome Chassis


Bottom Chassis with original serial number plate preserved under many many coats of automotive clear coat

McIntosh MC30 chassis parts ready for assembly

McIntosh MC 30 chrome chassis, bottom chassis and transformer ready for assembly

McIntosh MC 2105 + C28 + MR74 = More McIntosh For Sale

Well as you might of guessed we like McIntosh gear actually we really really really like McIntosh gear (yes even if it doesn’t have tubes : – ), it’s one of the few audio products that has consistently produced excellent sounding and visually stunning components.

What we have here is a Mint Condition C28 Pre-Amp MR-74 Tuner and a MC2105 Power Amp all of them are in need of a good cleaning, with the exception of the MC-2105 which will need new glass because this one has the typical de-lamination / bubbling on the inside of the glass. Also a bit of trivia, the MC2105 was used on stage by Bob Weir one of the members of the Grateful Dead back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. How Cool Is That?

Check back soon to see them brought back to their original specs and appearance and if you are interested in purchasing them feel free to send us an offer.

Front Panel view of  Mcintosh C28 Preamp

Very nice and clean C28 Mcintosh Pre-amp before restoration

McIntosh MC-2105 Power Amp in wooden case - bubbles on glass

A very Nice McIntosh MC-2105 Amp in an original wooden case, too bad there are bubbles on the glass

MR74 McIntosh FM Tuner - Minty

Now that I have this I will be listening to FM now. A minty MR74 before restoration.

Bob Weir with a gibson acoustic guitar and a stack of new McIntosh equipment in his home studio

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead in his home studio with his new McIntosh -

Here is a photo of Bob Weir in his studio with his new Mcintosh Gear check it out on the Mcintosh Labs website here

McIntosh = MINT MC60’s For Sale!

We are in restoration process of a pair of MC60’s, that when complete will be as nice as the ones pictured or just a tad bit cleaner!. Be the one to reserve this pair for you, all it takes is a deposit to  reserve them. We estimate final completion by April 30, 2012.. the pictured pair you see is a set we completed just a while back.

I wanted to get you a picture that would be fully represetative of this pair now in process. The work will be all power supply caps replaced, power supply fully rebuilt, precision matched critical circuit resistors will be 1% low noise metal film types. The audio signal path capacitors will all be matched Mylar (orange dips), all small signal tubes NOS test as new Telefunkins or RCA for drivers. Rectifiers all NOS test 5u4 types. Output tubes matched new issue Tung-Sol 6550’s. This is a full rebuild not just a few parts thrown in. Once complete a rigorous 30 hour burn in QC process begins, all voltages will be referenced to original McIntosh specifications. Finally the sound?.. Fabulous McIntosh 100%

These will go soon, act now $ 4500.00 (the pair)

Thanks, the “Tubology Team”


4-15-2012. We have a pending sale, I will change this to sold when we receive the deposit funds.


4-18-2010 They are now gone and in process of restoration for their new home. We always have more gear, don’t be shy inquire

an Ad for our 50-w2 – Mcintosh

50-w2 original ad  and we have one of these for sale if you are interested and yes they do sound better