1949 Silvertone AM Radio

Well here is something that is a bit unusual for us these days but I just had to post it since it is in such great shape, and it is just cool, not cool in the McIntosh, Marantz, Scott sort of way but in a more humble off-beat, unusual sort of way. In the tube world this Silvertone is the Ying to the Mcintosh Yang.

Basically it is just a nice – super clean Silvertone 9000 Sears Catalog Model 9000 Part Number 132-857 all American 5 tube radio.


Sears Finest - Silvertone AM Tube Radio From 1949 - American 5 tube Model number 9000-1832-857

Yup it is for sale, make us an offer

GE 400 Plastic AM Radio

Here is a nice basic am radio,

– GE 400 AM Tube Radio | Redish Brown Swirl Plastic –

Restored with Updated Capacitors – Plays and sounds as new.

In Very Good condition, one small crack on the bottom, the rest of the radio is shiny the plastic window is clear and scratch free. The dial is clean and looks very clean. all of the tubes are good, and the capacitors have been replaced

there is some minor checking on the surface of the top this is very slight, as you can see from the photos, the finger prints will be removed before I ship.

here is the info from the radio museum

General Electric Co. (GE); Bridgeport (CT)
Year: 1950
Type: Radio – or past WW2 tuner
5: 12SA7 | 12BA6 | 12SQ7 | 50C5 | 35W4
Super-Heterodyne (Super in general); IF-Freq 455 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned circuits
6 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands
Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage
AC/DC-set / 117 Volt
Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø 4 inch
Power out
1 W
Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin)
Table model,
Dimensions (WHD)
12.5 x 6.1 x 7.3 inch

here are some photos of the restoration

GE 400 AM 5 Tube American Radio

front of this brown plastic AM Radio - GE 400

Rear of the GE 400 without the back cover

Rear of the GE 400 without the back cover

GE 400 American 5 Tube AM Radio Chassis After Restoration

GE 400 American 5 Tube AM Radio Chassis After Restoration

Ozarka 89 Rare radio from the late 20’s $350.00

Very Rare Ozarka Model 89 vintage tube radio – AC Power

This radio was made in 1927 or 1928 as far as I can tell, I have tested all but 1 of the tubes on my Hickok tester, the test results are below.

Tube Number First number = test value

Second number = value in book that is good

UX 280 I can not test – I dont have the setting for my tester for this tube
#1 – 26 250/1150
#2 – 26 1070/1150
#3 – 26 50/1150
#4 – 26 1200/1150
#5 – 26 650/1150
27 1000/1000
112-a 1350/1650
112A 1650/1650

Overall the radio is in good+ condition or a solid B+ for an unrestored example of a radio of this vintage; the chassis has some minor rust and paint flaking, cabinet will clean up nicely and it will shine with some auto wax, the bottom edge in the back has some minor rust. The bronze cast Ozarka name plate is in very very good condition. it has what I can tell to be an original power cord it is flexible and in fairly good condition.

I have not tested this unit since I do not have a suitable speaker, I have cleaned it up a bit and removed some of the dust and grime form the past 80 or so years. it is 100% unrestored, and complete. IT DOES NOT COME WITH A SPEAKER

Principle TRF Tuned-radio-frequency (straight) general
Tuned circuits 4 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 Volt
Model: 89
Notes The model 89 from Ozarka Inc, Radolek Co. has one dial (primary tuning control knob) and uses 5 tubes “26” plus a “27” and twice the tubes “112A” or “71A” and the rectifier “80”.

Close up of the front of the cabinet after some minor cleaning. (note: this is with the chassis removed)

Back together on the mantle

underside bottom of the radio chassis

top view of chassis in cabinate – (I will remove all the tubes and pack it well in a double box)

Rear corner showin some rust, also there is some very small white paint speckles on the bottom edge, (0ver spray) the round hole is where the power cord comes out

the worst of the rust on the bottom edge (I would repaint the bottom edge since the top is clean and shines nicely)

the underside showing some slight surface rust again this is very slight, and looks better in person

bottom edge showing the rust

chassis removed from cabinate minor rust and flaking of the paint = it would shine up nicely if it were disassembled

inside of the cabinate showing the bottom plate and paper insulator both in excellant condition

closeup of the tube sockets and cap cans

again the underside of the chassis

testing one of the tubes

back side of the chassis

metal plate with patent numbers – this has some slight corrosion that is not visible

ozarka model 89 breadbox radio chassis

tuning mechanism and power switch

this is the left side with the top cover removed

the entire chassis from the bottom.

AM Tube Radios For Sale

We have just aquited a large quantity of Vintage AM Radios, here are just a few that have been restored and are ready for sale. They have all be re-cap’ed and cleaned and polished, if you are interested please send us an email.
Vintage tube radios for sale RCA - GE - Admiral - Airline
From left to right

  • RCA Bakalite  —  A+
  • GE Plastic — B
  • Airline painted Bakalite –B+
  • Emerson Bakalite — A
  • Admiral – Red and White Plastic — A+
  • GE Purple / Brown Swirl Plastic Clock Works –A+