Recent feedback from a customer

Pat, I’ve spent the last week listening to the Marantz 5’s every day.  Paired with the Model 7 pre, 10 tuner, Garrard 301 and Altec Carmel speakers, this system sounds better than any I’ve heard till now.  I’m extremely impressed with the tone and clarity from the amps and just fantastic presence in vocals and instruments.  I love the vintage sound (tone) with clarity I’ve come to expect from high end equipment.  I actually think I may prefer this sound to the more modern SET Shindo and Thoress I have in my main system.  Thank you for all the work that you did on these amps and you have one very happy customer for life.

David A


IMG_2050 IMG_2053

Webcore Rebuild

We just got a very cool Webcore 4903 outboard amplified speaker in for repair and upgrade and lucky for us the folks at Webcore put a schematic inside the unit to make repairs a snap. this is a simple amp that has very little gain. It uses two el84 tubes and one 12ax7 tube.

I converted it to be used as a guitar amp, by swapping out the RCA input to a switched 1/4 inch jack and I put a 1m resistor to ground to help control oscillation, other than that I just replaced all the leaky caps…. and it sounds great, I played my Takamine acoustic through it and wow it sounded sweet. the only drawback is volume since there is only 1/2 of a 12ax7 for pre-amp gain it was not very loud.

here is the schematic (click to enlarge)


3  Webcore-4904 Schematic

Webcore-4903 Schematic / 4904 (click to enlarge)

inside the webcore 4904 amplified speaker 2 el84 tubes and 1 12ax7

inside the Webcore 4904 amplified speaker 2 el84 tubes and 1 12ax7


Exterior front of Webcore 4904 amplified speaker

Exterior front of Webcore 4904 amplified speaker


Tube Monster – By James DeRosso

James DeRosso makes really cool monster sculptures of all types, when he was visiting me one day a few months ago he saw my tube collection and he asked for a few old tubes, well here is the result  if you would like to see some of his other monsters or if you want to commission your very own custom tube monster you can check out his website or blog here .

James DeRosso tube monster

James DeRosso tube monster and a Miniwatt ECL 80

In case you are wondering – the amp is an 18watt el84 / 6bq5 Marshall Plexi clone with a ppmv and the guitar is a 1968 Gibson es335

here is a more normal monster without the tube 🙂

James DeRosso Monsters - Portland, OR

A Tubeless Monster by James DeRosso - awesome

Now for something totally different… Music

This site has a ton of great photos and information about the golden age of audio gear, you can learn how it works, how to get it fixed, and tips and tricks to keep it sounding its best. Now that you have a system up and running, or in the case of guitar amps, sounding like the sky is opening, we can now take a peek at the 3rd part of the puzzle… THE MUSIC.

As you know music is very subjective and everyone has a different taste in music, we all have a connection to music regardless if of your upbringing, or social economic standing. Music is one of the things that make us human; no other creature can makes music.

Music is a celebration of being alive and being human. This is why we try so hard to make our gear sound great, we want to reproduce our music as it was intended by its creator, we want to honor the music and enjoy it just like we were there when it was preformed. If you are like me, you like to sit-down close the door to your listening room, and actively listen. If everything works as it should, you should feel like you are getting a private audience with the musician playing just for you. Your room becomes the venue or recording studio.  When you can hear the artist breath, the size of the recording studio, and the spatial layout of the musicians’ on the sound stage you can feel like you are in the room with the likes of the Rolling Stones, U2, Les Paul, Bill Monroe, Neil Young, Lucind Williams, Kiss, or Ella Fitzgerald. Regardless of your taste in music there is nothing like it.

12 Nights In Hollywood, Ella Fitzgerald recorded live in 1961

A great Live Recording of Ella from 1961, I wonder if they used Memorex tape to record the masters 🙂

In November 2009  Ella Fitzgerald released  “Twelve Nights in Hollywood” a 4 CD boxed set, containing 77 never before released live recordings from a 1961 twelve night run at the Crescendo Club in Los Angeles,  This is one of those rare recordings that you can hear the room, it is like being there.

 I wonder if the original tape used was Memorex ?