For Sale Pair of W5-M Heathkit 100% Restored and Upgraded

Just SOLD –

Here is a fully restored pair of Heathkit w5m mono-blocks, with Peerless 16309 output transformers with nickle cores

INCLUDED are a pair of Cages (not shown) these are very clean but they are un-restored with the original paint that show some signs of wear

These sound excellent. and have been lovingly restored from the ground up

I have used matched components during the rebuild and upgrade

Also Note: that the scale for the balance voltage is MV (mili-volts) and ideal is 0 volts, with the meter set to volts it reads “0”


  1. all parts of the chassis and have been sand blasted and painted with primer and automotive paint that was color matched with the same color as the originals(clear coated)
  2. the power transformers and choke have also been sand blasted primed and painted with black automotive paint (clear coated)
  3. Output transformer #1 has been painted with hamertone paint to match the original
  4. Output transformer #2 has the original paint and decal, it matches closely to the other but the origianl paint was in perfect condition
  5. these have SDI Labs Cap Board installed with the original can caps in place for looks (they have been clear coated with automotive paint)

NOTE: the chassis do not have lettering and the rubber feet are slightly miss-matched between the amps.

aside from the feet they are they are virtually identical


  1. NEW Power Switches
  2. all new parts – Metal film or metal oxide resistors that have been hand matched
  3. IEC power cord connector
  4. Gold Plated input jack
  5. lab grade Balance inputs
  6. gold plated banana plug speaker outputs (these have been tied to the 8ohm taps – the 4 and 16ohm taps are still available under the chassis)
  7. New Solen “fast caps” through out
  8. Silver wire or point to point in the signal path –
  9. Cloth covered wire in power supply
  10. New filter caps and SDI Labs cap board
  11. New tube sockets (9pin)
  12. NOS tube sockets (octal)


  1. :hi wattage ziener diode on the B+ to drop the voltage to 1957 levels (1957 line voltage was 110v modern voltage is about 115 to 117)
  2. Thirmisters to slow the turn-on current to allow for the power output tubes to warm up before the B+ is applied
  3. Higher wattage resistors in parts of the power supply to help with reliability
  4. Power Switch
  5. IEC Power Cord Connector
  6. Gold Plated RCA Input Jack
  7. Gold Plated Banana Plug Jacks


  1. New kt66 tubes (JJ) they are matched pairs and as a quad between amps
  2. NOS 5R4 Tubes – RCA  Brown Base – Matched electronically – slightly different physically
  3. 12au7 matched various brands currently I am using RCA’s, I will ship with 4 closely matched NOS 12au7 tubes (I will re-test them and make sure they are still matched and sound great

I have been listening to these amps for at least 5 or 6 weeks and they sound great! all then need is a new home.

I will ship them in 2 boxes and they will be very well packed. – keep in mind that these amps weigh about 30 pounds each


Restored Heathkit w5-m mono tube amps

Heathkit W5-M with SDS Labs cap board

W5-M Close to complete restoration



NOS RCA 5r4 in W5m Heathkit

NOS RCA 5r4 in W5m Heathkit

mili-volt scale balance voltage on w5m

mili-volt scale balance voltage on w5m

mili-volt reading on heathkit w5m matched pair

mili-volt reading on heathkit w5m matched pair

McIntosh MC60 Pair For Sale – Complete Electronic Restoration (sold)

Here for your consideration is a nice pair of McIntosh MC60’s they just arrived 0n 11-17-2011 we will begin the restoration process soon, new capacitors, resistors as required, much more.. you can reserve them with a $ 1500.00 down payment.

The price completed for the pair will be $ 3995.00 Please contact us directly for all the details and extensive work that will be done. I’m sure you know MC60’s are a rare McIntosh model and considered by many to be one of the best tube amplifiers ever produced….. Pat~

UPDATE: They will have a happy new home (soon) Thanks Rick of Oregon for the purchase! Pat~ 1-22-2012 I will post completed photo’s when Rick takes delivery

McIntosh MC60
McIntosh MC60
McIntosh MC60

Marantz 8b – now Sold – Thanks

This is a very clean Marantz model 8B. This is now posted up for sale prior to the full restoration process. YOU can own it now by making a deposit. We are scheduling it for the “bench” workout (restoration) over the coming weeks. Just to cover a few of the areas that will be restored. Tubes installed will be either NOS (new old stock) this is for the small signal and driver tubes. The outputs will be strong testing Mullard (matched) original EL34′s with the “double O getters” and date codes Xf2 … If you know Mullards you know these are rare and very valued tubes. The under chassis work will be done as noted: several power supply electrolytics replaced, several critical coupling capacitors. power supply B+ diodes to high speed low noise types and bypassed.

The bias supply updated and improved filtering added. Critical resistors in the phase splitter circuit will be updated to low nose precision matched metal film types. The feedback circuit will be re-tuned. All tube socket solder pin points re-soldered. A full under chassis clean all pots/switches will be cleaned and lubed. The exterior will be fully cleaned and waxed. A new Marantz name logo will be affixed to the front. A new 3 lug grounded “safety” power cord installed. The amp will be run tested for 15 hours and all voltages will be trimmed to proper B+ for all circuits. Bias will be matched set for the outputs. A full bench scope power rating test and frequency sweep test will be performed and results included with completed amp to the new owner. This will certify the unit meets and exceeds all original factory specifications. Shipping safety is a priority with us so extra safe packing will be done for safe transit… now how much ? you can reserve it with a $ 1,000.00 deposit and balance due prior to shipping. Shipping and insurance will be calculated and added to balance due. NOW the selling price $ 3200.00 of course plus shipping and insurance.

This is a real value for a guaranteed performing classic Model 8B .. you have our word on it.

Thank you, the “Tubeology” Guy

Marantz 8b under side sn 8-4718

Marantz 8b under side sn 8-4718

the top of a very clean marantz 8b sn# 8-4718

Western Electric 211-E Triode (SOLD)


Here we have a very rare engraved base 211-E Triode. It is very clean and in good physical condition I have also checked the continuity between the pins with an ohm meter and between 2 pins reads about 9 ohms I am assuming that this is the filament.
Since the pins on the bottom show some oxidation I am assuming that the 9 ohms is a bit high and would be lower if the pins were cleaned and polished.

The inside of the tube is also clean, and the silver getter at the top is shiny and complete. There is some slight brownish marks (see photo)
Also someone has marked the base with an “12 Ef” this may be from the factory since it is very neatly done but it may not be stock since this tube is from the 1920’s it could of happened any time in the past 90 years.

this tube is currently on ebay

here is some info about this tube


Western Electric 211-E with an Engraved Base

Western Electric 211-E with an Engraved Base



Filament Current (maximum): 3A +/- .15A
Filament Voltage:
Plate Voltage:
750 – 1000V
Average Plate Current for Plate Voltage 750V and Grid Voltage – 30V: 65 Ma
Average Plate Impedance: 3.5 K ohms
Mu: 11 – 13
Maximum Continuous Plate Watts: 65W

Western Electric 211-E engraved base Triode

Western Electric 211-E engraved base Triode

It’s all in the name “Western Electric”!

Western Electric 274A.

A heralded name in tube manufacturing, Western Electric is a name known worldwide for their outstanding vacuum tubes. Their classic 274A is a legend, setting the world standard for quality

This tube was purchased from an estate that I had contact with the family. Among many other treasures I purchased. I have been restoring fine classic audio gear for over 40 years. This is a rare tube to find in this condition. As you see pictured I have a highly modified and very accurate Hickok 539C tube tester. I have displayed this tube for you under actual test conditions. It reads at near original specification and tests near perfect!..

The results show this tube has had very little use if any. The box and packing is missing due to the fact that the whole box of tubes that I had purchased had been in a damp environment and the box simply was decayed to near nothing. I will not ship out of country due to lots of fraud and scams. I will ship very well packed and with written test results.

You can own this for $ 825.00

New Fresh Arrivals 2-5-2011

Just in a McIntosh MC2205 in excellent condition has some bubbles in the backside lettering, so I will be installing a brand new OEM glass McIntosh faceplate along with new back light lamps. Also the power switch is a weak point, so it will be new OEM also. Otherwise it gets a complete cleaning with re-bias of the outputs an a few tweaks to make it sound better and be rock stable.. Cabinet is in new new condition.. $ 1200.00 for the MC2205 and the wood McIntosh cabinet.. The C26 is mint it gets new lamps, complete cleaning and some updates to the power supply, this will make it dead quiet and perform for years to come.. C26 with wood McIntosh cabinet both will be a 9.5 in cosmetics.. $ 800.00.. C26 and MC2205 come with original owners manuals

Get your deposit in to reserve them..

UPDATE: The McIntosh MC2205 sold 4-25-2011 The proud new owner Jason K in Texas. Thanks Jason it will be shipping out soon it’s a beauty…..