For Sale – Marantz Preamp Model 7C

We are proud to offer this fine example of the Marantz Stereo Console Preamp for sale, it is a 9 out 10. it works flawlessly. This unit just SOLD………. we still have the Marantz Model 8 Amplifier

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  1. Someone got a great deal

  2. Please advise the selling price for Marantz model 8 and 7C. I am a serious buyer. Please also advise shipping cost to WA and Vancouver, BC, Canada.


  3. Hello Simon,

    Thank you for visiting our site. In regards to the Martanz 7c and model 8, the 7c has sold, I just received confirmation and pending sale on the Model 8, I will know for sure if it is sold in a few days as I’m waiting for the funds to arrive via FedEx. I will list the amp as sold if they do arrive, if not I will keep the sale open and you are welcome at that time to make an offer

    Best regards, Pat~

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