Our Baby Whammer’s are back home from the NY Audio Show

Here is a link to our Whamm FB page, you can read more on feedback/media postings from the NY Audio show the RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) and the CAS Show (California Audio Show) Its been a great year for us and next year is really shaping up to be a banner year!


Enjoy, Dr. Tubeology & Head Whammer



Our Whammerdyne 2A3 amplifier goes to NY !

We were paired with Pure Audio Project speakers and VPI Turntables. Our little Whammer one of three of the new series we now offer

DGA1 (Damn Good Amplifier) $ 1800 retail, DGA2 (Damn Great Amplifier) $ 2500 and DAA3 (Damn Awesome Amplifier) $ 4500

We are pictured here at the NY Audio Sow that end today Nov 12th , 2017

Check us out and take a look at the link to Pure Audio Project, we are posted in some photos


Soon to debut my new amplifier products!

See announcements at:




Three new models of pure SE tube 2A3 audio amplifiers at amazing price and performance levels and USA made!

$ 1800, $ 2500, $ 4500


I hope to have more pictures and concepts posted soon and from the show


Check it out,

Dr. Tubeology






The “CAS” California Audio Show and our Truth 2a3 amplifier!

Dear Friends,

CAS 2017 is over and this was indeed a very unique show for us. It is true pleasure to share some of CAS beautiful moments with you here…

At CAS we launched the Quintet15 with PAP-Horn1 and had the opportunity also to play our Trio15 Voxativ. Two separate systems were set in a relatively large Boardroom.

The setup day was my birthday but no time was left for celebrations and I thank you all for the warm greetings online !

Also, few baffles did not arrive on time and that caused us to start the show with the Trio15 Voxativ only… but during the first day, replacement baffles arrived and within few hours the Quintet15 Horn1 was disclosed, and did it with the Whammerdyne 4W amp, Exogal, LLC Comet DAC, Verastarr Audio, and all in a passive configuration with our popular Leonidas Crossover !

We had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet many audio fans, customers and even FB friends that we met in person for the first time ! What a pleasure !

…and towards the end of the show, after countless positive feedback from visitors and reviewers, we have received an amazing positive feedback and a request to review the Quintet15, so the set was disassembled and shipped for that task (to Jeremy R. Kipnis)!

Our room partners were Whammerdyne Heavy Industries with their 4.2W 2A3 based amp and Verastarr Atlanta with copper foils, silver foils speakers and XO cables and more.
Wyred 4 Sound and Pass Laboratories also supported us for bi-amping (with our PAP-C1 crossover if needed), and we thank them for all !

But this post won’t be complete without sending a big big thanks to Constantine Soo and Dagogo team for their unconditional support and devotion in putting together such a wonderful and unique audio show !

See you all next year !


A Show!, Come one Come all……

See the link here


we are travelling and showing our Truth amplifier with the fine folks at Pure Audio Project

Whammerdyne Heavy Industries joins PureAudioProject and Verastarr at CAS7


Cheers, hope you will join us….


Pat~ AKA Dr. Tubeology


THANK YOU!…………………………………………

A long time customer writes:


“A funny thing happened on my way to buy a McIntosh MC-240 stereo tube amplifier.  I knew exactly where I was going to purchase my vintage tube amplifier; Classic Tube Audio.  I have been working with Pat Hickman, Head Tubeologist, at Classic Tube Audio for more than a decade with Pat bringing my C-28 Preamp to factory perfection, he then worked on my MR-78 followed by my Thorens TD-125 turntable.  While looking at the 240 I noticed there was a pair of sorry looking McIntosh MC-30’s on the floor.  My very first McIntosh system included a pair of MC-30’s and I immediately remembered the warm beautiful sound the 30’s produced.  They were in pretty bad shape but I told Pat the story of my first really good stereo.  Pat volunteered that we could switch the project to the MC-30’s and I immediately jumped on the offer.  What a wonderful decision!  Pat brought this pair of sorry looking monoblock amps to perfection.  All visible areas were addressed; transformers were expertly brought to perfection including filling in any dents or dings with Bondo, sanded, primed and painted.  The transformers were top-offed with absolutely accurate decals, the epitome of attention to details.  What turned these MC-30’s into the beautiful amps are the addition of new chrome chasis with correct decals.  They just gleam in the their perfection. Every detail to match high quality capacitors, tubes, and all new components so that the closest matches were distributed between the two amps.  This makes a tremendous sonic equality between the amps.  To sum it all up the amps are visibly and electronically equal.  Like everything Pat does these amps were returned to perfection.  They look like brand new MC-30 monoblock amplifiers.  I do have a history of McIntosh amps that include my MC-2105 to the behemoth of all amps a MC-2300 that gives me a unique outlook on sound quality.
I worked in the Audio Industry initially as the owner of Quicksilver Audio repair shop in the House Of Music in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I quickly found that with my electronic technician education (ATN) in the U.S. Navy and ability to listen well I was a formidable audio salesman.  I quickly became a top salesman and later the Manager of The House Of Music.  The pinnacle of my audio career culminated in 3 day trip to McIntosh in Binghamton, NY.  Each day we were expertly guided on the many facets of McIntosh Laboratories by Gordon Gow.  We saw manufacturing, speaker research, marketing support, got to meet Frank McIntosh and every other facet of operations.  After the guided tour the evening was spent with Gordon Gow dining on Haute Cuisine followed by nightcaps back in the hotel.  The evening nightcap sessions were the liveliest and most informative sessions of the day.
The majority of my career was spent in the Personal Computer industry ranging from retail sales, software support finalizing in my 20+ year career at Central Washington University Computer Support Services.  My computer career only heightened my appreciation for vintage audio equipment with the introduction to digital music.  While opening many technologies digital advances always came at the expense of fidelity.  The pure sound of vinyl produced by tube technology became even more important in my quest for a really good sound system.
I’ve found that the value of power output has been become extremely corrupted with systems reporting output in the thousands of watts per channel.  One only has to sit down and listen to a whopping 4.2 watts of pure sonic perfection produced by the Whammerdyne “Truth” amplifier to understand fidelity wins every time over wattage.
I know that I have ingredients to build a sonically excellent system.  I owe so much of this to the wonderful advice and mentoring Pat Hickman has provided during our personal/professional friendship.  “Glowing Tubes All in a Row perfection”
A heartfelt thank you, Lynn
Dr Tubeology