FORSALE – Pair of Heathkit W7-A – Super Rare & Super Mint

Each of these amps have had the following work completed by Classic Tube Audio.
You can own these for $995.00 + Shipping

  • New Power Supply Caps
  • New Bias Supply Caps
  • New Diodes in Power Supply and Bias Supply
  • All New Coupling Caps
  • New Thermistors for controlled slow start
  • Checked all of the critical resistors to make sure they are within Spec
  • New JJ El34 power tubes
  • NOS Used Tested 87% Matched 6an8 Driver Tubes

Chassis buffed and waxed and all pots cleaned with de-oxit

The only issue is one amp has a mismatched knob – I will include a matching knob so that both amps are exactly the same. –

Also one of the amps has a scratch by the plastic Heathkit logo maybe you can see it in the photos – or I can send you another photo of the scratch if you would like.

Overall this pair of Heathkits W7-A amps are about as mint as you can get all paint is shiny with a few minor scratches – (See photos).
The Cages are also very clean, however the cages do have a few scuffs and scratches.
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Heathkit w7-A el34 monoblock with tube cage

They both function 100% and sound amazing. They are a loud 55 or so watts each.
The Balance and Bias Hold Perfectly !!!
These amps are super rare –



Underside of Restored Heathkit w7-A monoblock with new coupling caps

Pair heathkit W7-M

Mint Pair of Heathkit w7-A amplifiers 100% Restored


Super Clean Heathkit W7-A with JJ El34 tubes

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