Here is a list of some gear we have up for sale! (Breaking News)

I’m re-configuring the shop display area and wish to clear a bunch of this out as soon as possible. Big changes are coming to Classic Tube Audio. These changes will be vastly improved service offerings, expanded lines we service and sell You all will love what’s coming. STAY TUNED!


Forty three years providing exceptional sales of classic vacuum tube audio electronics and classic vintage Hi-Fi. “First, Live, Local & Original” Classic Tube Audio “Timeless Classics Restored”

I have an extensive collection of vintage components that I offer in both non-restored condition and restored. McIntosh and Marantz. Fully restored electronics carry a one year parts and labor warranty and performance guarantee. Vacuum tubes six months. Here’s a partial list of the many fine brands that we repair/service/upgrade and represent. McIntosh, HH Scott, Fisher, Dynaco, Heathkit, Sherwood, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Pilot, Eico, Audio Research, Quicksilver, Atma-Sphere. . . and many more! Anything that we repair/restore or upgrade carries a one year parts and labor warranty, tubes carry a 90 day warranty

New Arrivals, 

1)     Pair Marantz Model 5 Tube mono-Block amplifiers EL 34 Tube (RARE) (SOLD)

1)     McIntosh Model MC30 mono amplifier (Tube)

1)     McIntosh C8 Mono Pre-amplifier (Tube)



Very Rare Audiophile Amplifiers:


1) Futterman OTL 3 Complete (mono-bloc pair) restored and for sale (RARE) $ 2500.00 the pair (SOLD 8-2106)

(just changed the price as I installed a better set of close matched output tubes and also did a few circuit revisions, they are functioning better than new!, I was able to lower the distortion even more with some additional bypassing of the power supply)





Mr. Liang 845 amplifier ($ 500.00) local sale only no shipping on this heavy amp


Fast becoming the NW regions McIntosh and Marantz tube audio classic sales, service and restoration center


2) McIntosh C20 pre-amplifier (1) sold 4/2016)(2nd one SOLD 8-2106)

1) McIntosh MR65B FM Stereo tuner (Ready to go and complete with original packing and box and documents)

1) Celestion SL600 bookshelf speakers (Pair)rough $ 200.00 (SOLD)

1) Marantz 10B FM Stereo tuner (This will go into Q for full rebuild) ($ 2000.00)

1) Adcom GTP500 stereo Pre-Amplifer/Tuner/With phono (150.00)

1) Linn Basik LV X arm looks to be (new in box) with new Linn cartridge in headshell $ 1000.00

1) McIntosh MC275 (to restore yet with new chassis and rebuilt electronics $ 4,000) SOLD

3) McIntosh MR71 (One sold 5/2016 (2nd sold 6/2016(1) Left)

1) Marantz Model 8b Stereo Tube Amplifier

3) McIntosh MC240’s (2 sold 03-2016)(one sold 04-2016) 3 left

4) McIntosh MC30’s (2 sold 3-2016)

1) McIntosh C20 ($ 2100.00) (Near mint) all documents

2) McIntosh MC2505 (MINT, 10 on the scale fully 100% operating $ 1100.00) (One Sold 5/2016, One I’m servicing, last one ready to go now as of 8-8-2016 $ 900.00

2) McIntosh MR67

1) McIntosh 1700 (near mint $ 700.00) SOLD 8-8-2016

3) McIntosh C24, C26, C28 (1 each) (1 c26 sold 03-2016)

1) McIntosh MR500

1) McIntosh MR78 (gets new face glass and re-aligned $ 1100.00)

1) McIntosh MR74

1) McIntosh MR500 Stereo FM Tuner

1) McIntosh MC2155 Stereo Power Amplifier

2) McIntosh MR 65 FM Stereo Tuner

1) Dual (United Audio) 1015 Turntable as is not tested, clean with manual

1) Linn Sondek LP-12 Turntable with Ittok IV arm and Koestu Rosewood signature cartridge ($ 3500.00)

1) Michell “Micro” Turntable with Rega RB300 arm and Sumiko nude bluepoint (1200.00) SOLD

1)     Mono Marantz model 5 tube amplifier untested EL34 Tube clean


In the Q for rebuild


1) McIntosh C29 pre-amplifier, Now in process


More Hi-End and Audiophile electronics


1) Pair Zu “Omen” larger book shelf speakers (no longer using I upgraded to large Zu’s) See website for details MINT $ 1000.00

1) Bi-Frost DAC (Digital to analog converter) Mint with all UBER upgrades MINT $ 550.00

1) iFi Nano USB DAC mint all boxes and materials) $ 150.00 near brand new



Many of the components offered are used in good working condition and bench checked (Trade-in’s and upgrades) My service is personal, professional and attentive, by appointment only. Please email me and I will be happy to follow up with you and set an appointment.

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