It’s a new year.. and a busy one

Please see our project progress on the Ultimate 2a3 amp project called the “Truth” we will be doing the big public debut at T.H.E. Show Newport this year in May. In advance of the show a new website will appear in place of the parked photo we have at

You can view some of the progress timeline on the Classic Tube Audio Facebook site at: and at the Whammerdyne Facebook site:


I have been so busy, I have not had time to post all of the restoration audio component projects and there we over 100 completed units through the last 6 months of 2014 (a very good year) this year I have to be more selective in the projects I can take on and commit to, due to all of the preparation for the audio show. Please email me and I can let you know what my schedule will be on a project that you might have interest in me rebuilding/restoring. We also are now offering up our engineering and design services for specialty audio projects and our lab testing, measurement and documentation services

Thank you all for your past support and I hope this new year we can do more

Dr. Tubeology




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