Marantz 7C Pre-amplifier MINT “Holy Grail”

You audio collectors and vintage classic Hi-Fi buffs and Audiophiles don’t need me to tell you much. You know what this is. Here we have a MINT, I mean MINT model 7C the king of tube pre-amps. This is all original, has the wood cabinet and all near NOS test Telefunkin 12AX7’s tubes no work has ever been performed on this, except possibly by Marantz, I see where the power supply diodes decades ago have been updated. I have run up on a variac and all capacitors are working fine and the unit functions all inputs working, its nice and quiet no hum, phono stage is working perfect, all switches and controls are noise free. I have supplied some pictures here as I opened it up. I will  ship , but due to extreme value I must have bank certified check and continental US sale and shipping only, If you make an offer it must be close to my asking price. I have not seen one this clean in 20 years at my shop.

It looks like it was in a time capsule, even the tube shield covers are bright finish still, LIKE NEW
This is the nicest one you will ever see

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