Marantz 8b – now Sold – Thanks

This is a very clean Marantz model 8B. This is now posted up for sale prior to the full restoration process. YOU can own it now by making a deposit. We are scheduling it for the “bench” workout (restoration) over the coming weeks. Just to cover a few of the areas that will be restored. Tubes installed will be either NOS (new old stock) this is for the small signal and driver tubes. The outputs will be strong testing Mullard (matched) original EL34′s with the “double O getters” and date codes Xf2 … If you know Mullards you know these are rare and very valued tubes. The under chassis work will be done as noted: several power supply electrolytics replaced, several critical coupling capacitors. power supply B+ diodes to high speed low noise types and bypassed.

The bias supply updated and improved filtering added. Critical resistors in the phase splitter circuit will be updated to low nose precision matched metal film types. The feedback circuit will be re-tuned. All tube socket solder pin points re-soldered. A full under chassis clean all pots/switches will be cleaned and lubed. The exterior will be fully cleaned and waxed. A new Marantz name logo will be affixed to the front. A new 3 lug grounded “safety” power cord installed. The amp will be run tested for 15 hours and all voltages will be trimmed to proper B+ for all circuits. Bias will be matched set for the outputs. A full bench scope power rating test and frequency sweep test will be performed and results included with completed amp to the new owner. This will certify the unit meets and exceeds all original factory specifications. Shipping safety is a priority with us so extra safe packing will be done for safe transit… now how much ? you can reserve it with a $ 1,000.00 deposit and balance due prior to shipping. Shipping and insurance will be calculated and added to balance due. NOW the selling price $ 3200.00 of course plus shipping and insurance.

This is a real value for a guaranteed performing classic Model 8B .. you have our word on it.

Thank you, the “Tubeology” Guy

Marantz 8b under side sn 8-4718

Marantz 8b under side sn 8-4718

the top of a very clean marantz 8b sn# 8-4718

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