McIntosh MC30 Classic Tube Signature Rebuild

This is the first installment of the McIntosh MC30 rebuild. The idea here is to do the same thing to a pair of McIntosh MC30 Monoblocks as I did to the a pair of Heathkit w5m’s – if you recall I took a pair of rusty Heathkits and rebuilt them to better than new specifications – using nothing but the best parts. I had them for sale on the website here and I could of sold 4 pair since then, but once they are gone they are gone.

This time around I am going to take a pair of MC30’s and rebuild them better than new, and if I get a deposit from a fellow tube lover they can help spec the parts. for example, I will be using Solen Fastcaps for coupling, but if you want we can use Auricaps from Sonic Craft or if you prefer we can even use orange drops, it is up to you, other than that the only other “options” so to speak of are the tubes. Right now I am planning on using NOS JAN 6l6 tubes with NOS Telefunkens General Electric tubes. But again if you are the lucky buyer and want to use something different you get to choose. (ofcourse we will be adjusting the price accordingly)

So far the transformers have been removed from the chassis and painted with 5 coats of black automotive lacquer, the bottom plates of the chassis were also painted to match with the black automotive paint. The serial number decals were preserved and then clear coated onto the chassis so you barely feel where the serial number sticker starts and ends.The transformers have super high quality foil stickers on them.

The chrome is new and the silk-screening is perfect and matches the original exactly. The McIntosh chrome logo is shiny and blemish free. (Photos coming very soon)

The wiring will be Teflon coated fireproof aircraft wire rated at 1000 volts. The tube sockets will be NOS Bakelite sockets just like the original however if you prefer I can use ceramic or Teflon sockets.

Check back soon to watch the evolution of this classic restoration of a classic piece of audio history.

here are the new upgraded 1/8 inch phenolic turret boards

McIntosh Mc30 Turretboards

McIntosh Mc30 turret-boards


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