Milestone with our Lab Beta Ultimate 2A3 amplifier, “Truth”

A milestone has been achieved in one of our two Lab amplifiers for the long term durability QC testing. Note (in the photo) the lower left hour meter, It’s close to turning 2000 run hours on the lab unit. This is one we are set up for both long term listening in the lab and other testing processes, so pardon the missing features and controls, its not pretty. Not only have we achieved a true 2000 hours of run time this has been a durability test as to power cycling, many hundreds of times long, short , in-between.

We have purposely tried to kill it. No issues nada, zilch!. how’s that for a world class tested audiophile component!. We pulled the tubes and did a full curve and test of emissions in all parameters and no detectable loss of emission or other anomalies was found.

So in summation not only do you have the worlds best sounding 2A3 amplifier (TRUE DC Coupled, No Capacitors) with the best components and engineering that exists, it can take a beating and keep on ticking!.. you deserve as the customer nothing less. It really does sound like a million bucks. We will put it up in comparison with anything we are that confident!

Head “Whammer”

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