More! (Inventory) Were Growing

Some happenings at CTA (Classic Tube Audio) I’m sure by now many of you have noted the new logo (I’m very pleased with it) and some changes to the look of the web site (more in the works). During this visible change, behind the scenes we have been expanding our inventory of parts. Several advantages we have, buying in larger quantities and saving money. This allows us to control some costs and our customers reap the savings. The other issue is faster turnaround time and we now can precision match and select for match pairs/quads and more. This applies to Capacitors, Resistors, Tubes. We also are adding to our “premium” upgrade and select “Tubeology” line of offerings. Later this summer the “shop” will be adding more work area space and dedicated “burn in” for QC of serviced components. This is one area I’m really proud of our tradition. A quick explanation of our burn in process. Every finished unit gets a minimum of 10 hours of run time. This really helps us with making sure all voltages remain stable, bias drift is minimised, we apply both audio frequency sweeps during the burn in along with playing music extensively though the units. Yes, we actually listen to each and every unit before it goes out! This process has kept any issues to near zero once the component arrives back to you..

I must give a sincere Thank You! to the hundreds of customers over the years, you are the ones that have allowed us to grow. I’m very excited, the future is bright. Real Audio Glows in the Dark!

The “Tubeologist”



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