New Fresh Arrivals 2-5-2011

Just in a McIntosh MC2205 in excellent condition has some bubbles in the backside lettering, so I will be installing a brand new OEM glass McIntosh faceplate along with new back light lamps. Also the power switch is a weak point, so it will be new OEM also. Otherwise it gets a complete cleaning with re-bias of the outputs an a few tweaks to make it sound better and be rock stable.. Cabinet is in new new condition.. $ 1200.00 for the MC2205 and the wood McIntosh cabinet.. The C26 is mint it gets new lamps, complete cleaning and some updates to the power supply, this will make it dead quiet and perform for years to come.. C26 with wood McIntosh cabinet both will be a 9.5 in cosmetics.. $ 800.00.. C26 and MC2205 come with original owners manuals

Get your deposit in to reserve them..

UPDATE: The McIntosh MC2205 sold 4-25-2011 The proud new owner Jason K in Texas. Thanks Jason it will be shipping out soon it’s a beauty…..

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