New Fresh Arrivals! Jan 9, 2011

The following components just arrived. I will offer them as received for sale. Make me an offer.  If you are interested email me and I can send you detailed photos and more information. I also will provide you with a price if you would like me to fully check out the unit and restore as needed to like new condition or better.

  • McIntosh MA6100 fully integrated amplifier (condition 9+) has original full packing and box, plus original owners manual
  • McIntosh MR74 Tuner (condition 9+) has original full packing and box, plus original owners manual
  • Acoustic Research AR3’s early and near same serial numbers. Dark oiled Walnut finish. All original shipping boxes and packing , plus manuals (condition 8+) SOLD 1-15-2011
  • Acoustic Research stands factory for the AR3’s in very good condition
  • Thorens TD145 MKII Turntable (condition 9+) all original packing and box, dust cover fine scratches and hinges missing, original manual
  • McIntosh XR3 speakers (condition 9+) original packing and boxes, original owners manuals SOLD 1-23-2011

As I noted above photos available. It’s really rare to get all the original boxes, packing and manuals along with components in such great shape. These were in dry and climate controlled storage for over 10 years.

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  1. I am looking for a good solid AM/FM radio and perhaps an audio amp to power a couple of speakers (4 or 8 ohm ?). Really discussed w/ current sets that lack 1) Selectivity 2) Sensitivity & 3) Stability. I’m a former ham & still have all my “tube RX & TX equipment”. What can you offer me or steer me toward as a source for some nice radio/amp equipment? Also would be interested in visiting your shop. I recently picked up an older Packard Bell standard (AM only)broadcast radio that needs a replacement knob & possibly a replacement On/Off & volume pot as it sounds scratchy in use.

    Thanks for your reply.

  2. Hello Roland, a very good reciever that is tube that would cover am/fm and does have a good fm tuner is the Fisher 800B or C
    they are my favorites, well with the exception of the McIntosh MR78 tuner and a McIntosh MC275 amplifer

    I’m in Camas, Washington if would ever consider a visit
    Take care, Pat~

  3. Hi Roland,

    Thank you for contacting me. I could write quite a bit based upon the questions you have presented. Let’s start with what I feel is a good all around receiver..Tube of course..I favor the Fisher 800 B/C for the needs you have, properly restored and the tuner fully aligned you would get darn near all your needs met with one compoenent.. as seperates, I like the Scott 350B tuner, couple that with a Fisher X series integrated you have a nice combo. I welcome visits to my shop most anytime. Not sure if I would have a knob for you PB radio, have to see a picture of the unit.. Happy 73’s from an old ham guy too, had my General class ticket when I was 13 years old..40 plus years ago


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