NEW SERVICE SOON !!!!!!! (TUBES) update 9-25

I have always been doing high quality tube testing and matching with an extensively modified Hickok 539C test unit. But very soon a new “ULTRA” performance testing, matching and real operational performance results will be offered.


We are getting closer to offering a most unique service for the ultimate in tube testing/matching/selecting  (a world wide service) real tests, actual printed/documented results in performance under real operating conditions

“Tubeology” Spoken here!

Have you ever wondered if the “designer” expensive tubes you have purchased are really up to the claimed results? I know that you pay top money for these tubes. Brands like Telefunkin, Amperex, Mullard, RCA, Tung-Sol, GE..ETC. the service offered will be to put these tubes under actual real world load and signal conditions and provide documented test results with photos of the curve trace and true gain (mu) all parameters will be documented with the tube along with several B+ (high voltage) test and curve plots. various bias set points. among a dozen other tests. The results will come with the base line reference from the manufacture so you can see what the NOS tube should test as and what your tubes test as. I also will offer bulk matching and sorting for multi tube (matched use)

More details and sample results will be posted soon. As far as I know no one is offering such a high quaility and precision test service.

UPDATE: Sept 25….. I’m as usual behind, but this project/service is going to be great. I have now been working on a process to add an additional service with this premium Tube testing/grading offering. 24K gold plating on for the pins. Why, you ask?.. for vastly improved contact between the tube and the mating socket, a non resistive connection and improved signal transfer. I will not only glass bead blast clean the pins on the tube I will then chemically etch and clean, then 24K direct plate the pins. “does it work?, can you hear it?” you bet you can. I hope to have photos posted of the entire process soon

It’s gotta glow to be real

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  1. Hi Pat,

    I’m going to be sending you my Fisher X-101 to be worked on,as soon as I find a second,outer double walled box,of the right size.You ought to have something here about the types of tubes you use in your restorations.

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