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McIntosh MC60 Pair For Sale – Complete Electronic Restoration (sold)

Here for your consideration is a nice pair of McIntosh MC60’s they just arrived 0n 11-17-2011 we will begin the restoration process soon, new capacitors, resistors as required, much more.. you can reserve them with a $ 1500.00 down payment.

The price completed for the pair will be $ 3995.00 Please contact us directly for all the details and extensive work that will be done. I’m sure you know MC60’s are a rare McIntosh model and considered by many to be one of the best tube amplifiers ever produced….. Pat~

UPDATE: They will have a happy new home (soon) Thanks Rick of Oregon for the purchase! Pat~ 1-22-2012 I will post completed photo’s when Rick takes delivery

McIntosh MC60
McIntosh MC60
McIntosh MC60

Eico HF 85 Stereo Preamp – Listed on eBay!

The Eico has been listed on Ebay.. Bid soon as the auction ends in a few days


Here we have a fairly rare and really clean Eico HF-85 that has undergone a basic restore. These are highly regarded and the Eico HF85 sounds great. This fine example can be yours for $1100.00

This preamp is running 5 12ax7 tubes, and you will get the following tubes with your preamp: a 1250 reading is new test
2 Eico branded Mullards 1100/1250 – 1125/1250 and 1100/1250 – 1050/1250
a matched pair of Amperex Bugle Boys that test 1400/1250 – 1400/1250 and 1425/1250 – 1400/1250
and a single NOS Sylvania 1450/1250 and 1400/1250.

The Amperex Bugle Boys test as new however I do not have the boxes, the Sylvania is genuine NOS.
The 6X4 Rectifier is an Eico branded mullard

Electronics: 9.5 out of 10
This preamp has had all of the electrolytic caps replaced along with all of the coupling caps. A 3 prong grounded cord has been installed and the tubes have been tested and replaced. All of the pots have been cleaned with de-ox and now operate scratch free and quietly. The power switch was worn and has been replaced with a new reproduction switch.

Cosmetics: 8 out of 10
The overall condition is 8.5 out of 10, the chassis has been cleaned and the brass faceplate has been polished to a high shine. The knobs have been cleaned and polished and are all original. The paint has been buffed and waxed with automotive wax. There is some slight corrosion on the right side panel that has left some slight pitting on the paint. The top vented gold panel has a few small areas where the paint has been slightly discolored and worn and on the thin side. The rear panel and RCA jacks are clean and have been sprayed with contact cleaner. The phenolic backing plates for the RCA jacks has deformed slightly over the years (this is common for these types of jacks) The interior chassis is clean and most of the dust and grime has been cleaned off, with the exception of the area directly under the pots. All of the screws are original and clean.
The preamp looks great and is clean and presents well.

Recommended mods:

  1. Remove the hum pot and convert the heaters to DC – this will make the pre-amp run more quiet (improved S/N)


  1. eico hf-85 close up of front pannel
new cap under side of eico hf-85

new cap under side of eico hf-85


front panel of eico hf85 stereo preamp

Front Panel Eico hf-85 Stereo Preamp


Eico HF-85 on the bench replacing caps

Eico HF-85 on the bench replacing caps

Now Buying Tube Gear

We are now buying McIntosh & Marantz vacuum tube components from the golden era of audio, the 1950’s through 1970’s.

Pat of Classic Tube Audio have been repairing and collecting fine vintage tube audio equipment since they were in their teens, since then (that was quite some time ago) they grew up, got jobs but never lost the passion and love for fine musical and audio equipment. Now we have built a website where we can turn our passion into a little bit of extra cash, buying and selling some of what we think are the finest vintage audio equipment.

So if you have any tube audio gear, such as power amps, pre-amps, tuners, receivers, Now limited to only McIntosh and marantz vacuum tube components, send a few photos, and a short description and we will make you an offer, if you like what we are willing to pay then ship it on over to and we will mail you a check – it is that easy. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 503-887-9015 or send us an email @ [email protected]  or click here for our web form.

Then send a few photos of what you have along with a description we will get back to you with our no obligation cash offer, along with shipping instructions.  We will get back to you  once we receive your item we will mail you a certified check/money order (unless you would prefer a different method such as a wire transfer or PayPal) for the agreed upon amount + shipping.

It is that easy.

if you have any questions please check out our FAQ or email us and we will do our best to provide you with a prompt answer. Below is the short list of items we are always buying; however if you have an item that is not on the list please contact us.
Classic Tube Audio

Buying Marantz

We are Buying Marantz Stereo Equipment – the older the better, if you have any vintage, or tube Marantz Stereo or Mono equipment we would love to hear what you have and make you a fair offer.

We have been buying, selling, trading and repairing  high quality vintage audio gear since the early 1980’s, this is not our primary business, and we have fairly low overhead, and do all the restoration work ourselves. this allows us to pay a little bit more than our competitors.  not only that but we really like what we do. So if you are here on our website and have a piece of vintage Marantz gear that no longer works or if you need a little extra money please feel free to contact us via our web form or give us a call 503-887-9015, and… if you are in Portland OR you are welcome to bring your piece by my office and we can make a deal that works for both of us.

Marantz Logo

We are interested in the following model numbers however if you have a piece of gear that is not on this list please contact us for a buy quote – we are also interested in a select few Marantz receivers

Amps – tube

  • Model 2 Mono
  • Model 5 Mono
  • Model 8 Stereo
  • Model 8B Stereo
  • Model 9 Mono
  • Model 9R Mono
  • if you have any solid state amps let us know –


  • Model 1 Preamp
  • Model 7C Preamp
  • If you have any solid state pre-amps please let  us know

Tuners – Tube

  • 10 Tuner
  • 10 b Tuner
  • 10 r Tuner
  • If you have a solid state tuner please contact us, we may be interested

Feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

I work best through email as I check it frequently

Or call weekdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (503) 887-9015 West Coast Time

For items that are not on this list please contact us.

Do you do repairs?

Yes we do, if you have a piece of classic tube gear we would be happy to service your component(s),  please contact us for a quote. Please browse our website 100’s of 100% statisfied customers. We live and breathe Hi-Fi..Audio..Stereo…Music..Electronics… really we do!!


Shipping, how does that work?

We prefer that you ship us your item double boxed and sent with tracking so that you can be sure that we received your item. For higher value items we recommend that you add insurance. If you have a choice when shipping the preferred shipper we use is FedEx rates, safest shipper..this comes from over ten years of shipping experience by us.. we are always available if you are unsure about how to pack and were happy to give you all the support you need. In special cases we can advance send a heavy duty shipping “hard case” with special foam inserts and can provide a pre-filled out FedEx shipping form. Then all you need to do is place it in the case, stick the label on the ouside and take to your Fedex office or local Kinko’s/FedEx..

Please feel free to contact us for any help any time