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Fisher 500B after restoration, it’s mint!

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  1. pat

    Hello Rob,

    It’s very hard for me to give you an idea of value> pictures would help. Condition of the face , dial, knobs..etc.. makes quite a difference. The unit based upon the information you have provided is mono and not stereo. So as for value maybe a range of $ 35-75.00. It could be a Fisher 400 or 600 model

    Thnkas for contacting us, Pat~

  2. Jim

    The fisher 500b is a 65watt stereo receiver, in unrestored but decent condition they consistantly bring over $200 on e-bay, a rough one without tubes brings about $100,restored if done properly it could bring close to $1000

  3. pat

    You are very correct my friend.. The 500B’s are a fine receiver and do command a high price. I restore about 10 to 12 of them a year. The FM tuner is highly musical, as well as the output section of the unit has very good transformers

    happy listening, Pat~

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