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Miss McIntosh “Classic Beauty”

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  1. Where can I buy a nice tube amp stereo thats afordsable ad whatcan you recomend I wantthat pure tube richness now that Im older

  2. Hello Ron,

    Thanks for your question. It’s hard to define by your post “what’s affordable” In tube amp/integrated world. That usually in Vintage gear means a range of $ 300 to 700.00
    in this range you have a number of options . Fisher, Scott, Heathkit, Eico to name a few. I might recommend an integrated Fisher X-100-B, I have a mint unit for $ 550.00
    another might be a receiver like a Fisher 500-B/C $ 525-575.00 or a Scott receiver model 340B $ 550.00 all nice components that will provide that great tube sound, be reliable and are affordable


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