I dislike having to post anything negative. But I feel it’s my duty to warn consumers when a business goes bad!

I’m speaking here about a company called Welborne Labs,   I had ordered some parts and products from them over a month ago and promptly paid on my credit card. Fast forward to today. I have made dozens off attempts to contact them via email and by telephone on the status of my paid for order. To date I have received no replies. I do know they are receiving my emails, this is verified. They continue to send updated “specials” on their newsletter. So I would assume they are alive and well?. Are they just scamming unsuspecting people into making orders and paying for them with the intent to not ship any product?.. I do not know.. But I would say stay away from them. I will keep you all informed if I do hear from them and any resolution is forthcoming. I’m having my credit card company revese my charges at this time

Dr. “Tubeology”




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